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Switchball is a physics based puzzler developed by Atomic Elbow and published by Sierra Online for Xbox Live Arcade. In Switchball, the player must use the left thumbstick to guide a ball through various stages. The player is faced with obstacles such as moving platforms, boxes, cannons, breakable cloth, and powerful magnets which must be navigated using the shape shifting abilities of the ball itself; transformations include heavy steel ball, lightweight air ball, or another metal form that can take on various powers (such as speed dash, jumping and magnetism). Switchball features 6 worlds, each of them containing 6 levels that have an overarching theme (for example Lava World's levels are surrounded by burning magma). Players are also able to enter a timed mode where they earn medals for how quickly a level is completed.

It is a slower paced and more methodical game than the titular Marble Blast Ultra, incorporating a greater inclination to puzzle elements than skill and dexterity. There are also Leaderboards and two multiplayer modes, Co-Op and Race. There are four levels to be completed in Co-Op that require good communication and understanding between the players participating as they rely heavily on switch and physics-based puzzles. Switchball was originally a PC game called "Crazyball"

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