Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment PSP Game News

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For those who are new to Sword Art Online, here's a plot synopsis written by Buhssuht.


Technological innovation named Nerve Gear allows players to enter virtual world, achieving the true immersion. Soon after the invention of Nerve Gear, beta invitations of MMO named Sword Art Online are sent to numerous players. The game was fun to play until player realized that they cannot log out of the game. Suddenly Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of Sword Art Online appears and announces that everybody in the game are trapped within, and cannot leave the game until they defeat boss at top of dungeon, and if they were to remove Nerve Gear by force before defeating the final boss or die within the game, they would permanently die in real world. As parting gift, Akihiko leave mirrors to each players, which reveals players' real face causing more panic. Among them is a boy named Kirito, who determines to reach the final dungeon and leave the game no matter what.

Infinity Moment

The game takes place during the last 25 floors that Kirito and his gang did not cover in the anime series. Then, the Sword Art Online virtual gaming system begins to corrupt those floors making new obstacles for the young heroes to clear.

The PSP game is scheduled to released on March 14, 2013 in Japan. The regular version costs 6,280 Yen ($78.98), and the limited edition costs 9,980 Yen ($125.55).

The bundle's contents includes the following:

  • Exclusive Limited Edition Box
  • Infinity Moment Special Content DVD 1
  • Infintiy Moment Special Content DVD 2
  • A Soundtrack CD
  • Special Booklet with Illustrations by Abect
  • Custom PSP Theme

Exclusive Content

The limited edition includes a "Together with Asuna Aincrad Date Edition" where players (as Kirito) can ask Asuna out in a SIM type fashion.


As part of the hype surrounding the Sword Art Online PSP game, COSPA has released images of t-shirts.


Please enjoy the trailers.

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I'd play it if I knew Japanese.

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@InfiniteGeass said:

I'd play it if I knew Japanese.


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Interesting stuff. Alas, I'm never going to own a PSP.

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@InfiniteGeass: @Skyfire543: @BisonHero:

It's all good. Usually, these anime based games don't make it to U.S. shores except for those popular Shonen games like Naruto and Dragon Ball who have a big audience.


Fix statement.


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@takashichea: Yep. I'd totally play the OreImo game and the Haganai games as well, but that'll probably never happen.

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I see YUI on the box art. Is YUI in the game? She ought to be, because YUI is adorable.

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Man I fucking hate Sword Art Online so much.

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I'd probably be more into this series if I didn't dislike the protagonist. :/

Well, I suppose this is good news for those who enjoy the series.

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Can't say no to that face


Yeah, Yui is a cute Tinkerbell.


No problem. There are anime series that does MMORG better. Is it the platonic harem that ticking you off or Kirito?


He's pretty bland, over powered guy who's a moody loner. It's only the girls who are more interesting. Though, they need to show more of Klein and Egil.

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@infinitegeass: or you can download patch http://psppatch4u.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/sword-art-online-infinity-moment.html

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