PS Plus Exclusive... Somebody help me get my head around this.

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Okay so I'm looking around the Playstation Store and I see Swords & Soldiers for 9.99.  
The problem is that its Playstation Plus exclusive. This seems odd to me. Why would Sony limit this game to Plus users only. They're narrowing the market for it for no discernible reason. I could understand if it were a discount for Plus users but I just can't understand. It's like they don't want to admit Plus is a terrible service so they're trying to increase the subscriber base by making full PSN games exclusive. Even if it means taking a loss in profits from a game that is apparently very good. 
I'm glad I can pick it up on the Wii instead. Sony, man... what happened to you?

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It's only early access. It will be released to everyone soon.

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@Bigrhyno: Oh, I see.  
That makes sense. Does it actually say that somewhere on the page, because if it does then I'm gonna feel really stupid.
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swords and soldiers is a great little (and very funny!) game, by the way :)

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Don't know. I just remember reading that on the Playstation Blog.

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