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Valis SD is essentially a remake of Valis II for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. The game overall is closer to the PC Engine incarnation of Valis II, but it has many aspects of the Home Computer versions, including the ability to switch between outfits and weapons via a pause menu screen. It also injects a fair amount of silliness in the game, but that's only to be expected! Most stages have mini-bosses in them, in addition to a stage-ending boss.  Yuko is capable of moving in several directions and jumping, as is typical.  However, the game has several play elements that are not present in other Valis games. Yuko is capable of firing both up and down in addition to left and right, an ability only found in this game in terms of the Valis series; She can also double jump and has bombs which clear the screen of small enemies, or deal damage to major enemies.


Yuko isn't happy! 
Yuko is interrupted from eating an important pudding by the ghost of Reiko, who tells her she is needed again to save Vecanti (and potentially the real world) from a new King named Megas. Despite her protests, Yuko is dragged away and doesn't get to finish her pudding. Along the way she'll pick up many items and weapons to help her defeat Megas' forces. The storyline is slightly simplified compared to Valis II, with the elimination of the Rogures loyalist forces from the storyline. Everyone simply works for Megas!


Yuko: Yuko is a seemingly normal high-school girl who is in reality the Soldier of Valis. Granted a magical sword by her true mother Queen Valia, she protects both the world of Vecanti and reality!  
Queen Valia: The good queen of Vecanti and Yuko's true mother. She gives Yuko the Valis Suit II! 
Valna: Yuko's younger sister in the next in line to be queen after Valia. 
Reiko: Yuko's old classmate, she's dead. She appears often as a ghost to give Yuko advice.  
Emperor Megas: The villain of the piece, he's much the same as he is in Valis II, only sillier. 
Haizen: Megas' top general. He may actually just be the bug on top of his head.
Gaius: Another of Megas' generals, he is occupying Vanity Castle, just like in the PC Engine version of Valis II. His mechanized body is very strong. 
Giran: He is the boss of stage 2.  He counter attacks every hit with a rain of swords.
Zaluga: He attacks Yuko as the boss of stage 1. He's quite large!


 ITEMS: There are a variety of items for Yuko to collect.  
  • Small life: Looks like a little heart. Restores a small amount of Yuko's life.
  • Large life: A big heart. Fully restores Yuko's life.
  • 1up: A small Yuko doll that grants the player an extra life.
  • Point: A crystal worth bonus points.
  • Bomb: A red sphere, it gives Yuko another bomb for her stock to activate when the player pleases.
  • Invincible shield: A star which temporarily makes Yuko invincible.
  • Weapon level up: Gives Yuko a new weapon, or powers up your attacks if you have all the weapons.
  • Costume: A new costume! Pick it up to find out what it is.
WEAPONS: The weapons found in the game. The player can switch between them at will via a pause menu. 
  • Bullet: The basic starting attack. Yuko shoots a shot straight forward. When fully leveled it is the strongest weapon.
  • Wide shot: A basic shot type which is wider than the bullet. It's about as equally as strong until fully leveled.
  • Homing shot: The weakest attack at all levels, but it homes in on enemies.
  • Three-way shot: A three way spread of shots. Quite useful.
The basic Valis armor. 
SUITS: Different outfits Yuko finds on her journey. They have different properties! 
  • Sailor fuku: A basic school uniform. Yuko's starting outfit. 
  • China dress: Has slightly higher attack power than the school uniform, but slightly lower defense.
  • Valis suit 1: The classic Valis armor, a well rounded outfit for all occasions!
  • Speed suit: A suit with high speed and high attack, but low defense.
  • Guard suit: Has low attack, but high defense!
  • Valis Suit II: The ultimate Valis armor and the best suit in the game.


Stage 1. 
Stage 1: Yuko begins in the city. She must fight her way through various soldiers only to encounter a mini-boss who introduces himself as Kunopuff. He is a bird man armed with a gun, who upon defeat rewards her with the china dress and wide shot. Yuko then makes her way along a train platform, stopping to fight another mini-boss in the form of a golden dinosaur-like creature. Zaluga awaits Yuko in the subway.  
Stage 2:  Now in Vecanti, Yuko is immediately attacked by a multi-armed mini-boss called Necrodept (who resembles a series of mini-bosses found in the second stage of the PC Engine version of Valis II). Battling through the strange life-forms found in vecanti, Yuko encounters another mini-boss, a super-soldier who drops the guard suit and homing beam when defeated. After scaling her way out of the underground to the snowy surface, Yuko must face Giran on her way to Vanity Castle. 
The tank mini-boss. 
Stage 3: Vanity castle has been taken over by Megas' army! After fighting her way through Megas' army, which interestingly seems to include giant flying turtles, Yuko is confronted by the first of a series of mini-bosses in this stage, a flying golden dragon who upon defeat drops the speed suit and 3-way beam. Of course this isn't the end, and Yuko must continue to fight her way through enemies and scale the castle. Eventually another mini-boss is encountered, a bizarre tank-like vehicle with multiple parts. General Gaius is the leader of the occupying forces, and must be defeated to clear the stage. 
Stage 4: Yuko travels through the wasteland on the way to Megas' castle, encountering vicious slimes, dragon flies, and other such creatures. The first mini-boss encountered here is a dark knight whose head turns in to a snake-like creature after his body is destroyed. Defeating him levels up Yuko's weapons. After a bit more traveling, Yuko encounters another mini-boss, a flying lancer whose upper and lower body are capable of operating independently of each other. General Haizen waits at the gates of Megas' castle to stop her progress. He has three forms, and references both the PC Engine and Home Computer versions of Valis II (I.E., he starts of spinning, and the insect from his head is his final form) 
General Tou. 
Stage 5: The final stage! Yuko rides an elevator up to Megas' chamber in his castle, all while being assaulted by meteors, chunks of crystal, and what appear to be circular panes of glass. General Tou from the PC Engine of Valis II makes an appearance here as a mini-boss. At the top Megas awaits! Enjoy the charming ending after his defeat.  
A trap for Yuko! 

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