360 version...how is it?

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These are questions you should ask before buying something. What does it matter now?

I'm sure it's totally fine.

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It actually gives you rabies if you're not careful, so watch out for that.

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@jjweatherman: I figured what the hell for $5, but then started to wonder. I'm sure you are right though.

#5 Posted by JayEH (585 posts) -

I played it on 360 and thought it was fine. Nothing good or bad stood out. (graphics wise)

I'm a sucker for cyberpunk so I enjoyed the game.

#6 Posted by HistoryInRust (6650 posts) -

Loved it. Singleplayer is mostly great. Multiplayer is a fantastic take on the four-player-vs-AI scenario fad.

The multiplayer is probably a bit underpopulated now, which is a shame.

These are questions you should ask before buying something. What does it matter now?

Ugh, man.

#7 Posted by Klei (1799 posts) -

Syndicate had really great potential, especially coming from Starbreeze. Unfortunately, it turned out to be pretty ordinary and monotone. Especially the campaign.

#8 Posted by laserguy (481 posts) -

its five bucks. just about any game for five bucks is a good deal.

#9 Posted by Rorie (3409 posts) -

I actually really liked the campaign, although it's woefully brief (like five hours). There's definitely some pacing issues (I think an hour or two of content got cut out near the end), but yeah, it's worth five bucks! Enjoy!

#10 Posted by zombie2011 (5271 posts) -

Why don't you just play it and find out?

#11 Posted by EternalVigil (317 posts) -

The campaign is a bit hit or miss, but the game was pretty fun to play. Multiplayer was pretty rad too.

#12 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

It's perfectly fine.

I actually prefer the game using a controller, just because you have to hold down buttons from time to time. Just felt easier to do with a controller

#13 Posted by ArtisanBreads (4854 posts) -

It's fine. Still not a good game IMO but hey some people like it.

#14 Posted by csl316 (11092 posts) -

"Syndicate looks and sounds great, for the most part. You'll find a crummy texture here and there on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but it makes up for that with some terrific lighting and a good sense of style." - Jeff Gerstmann, 2012

#15 Posted by ReCkLeSs_X (475 posts) -

Didn't have any problems with it back in the day. Jeff was right. ;)

#16 Posted by ManMadeGod (1625 posts) -

Console version looks and runs fine. I just didn't care for the gameplay very much

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