Any PC duders still actively playing this?

#1 Posted by BillyMethers (161 posts) -

Just wondering how many people on Giant Bomb still actively play the online for PC. I do and I maxed out my character.

If you still actively play and (are nice) want to game sometime, send me a PM.

Or you can say whatever you're going to say in this topic. Makes me no difference and I'm just seeing whose still alive on PC.

#2 Posted by TobbRobb (5243 posts) -

I thought this was only Co Op? Is there any room to be an active player?

Well, I'm sure there are some people here who would be up to pick it up again in any case. Look at this post as a bump.

#3 Posted by impartialgecko (1772 posts) -

If I wasn't in the middle of exams then yes. Honestly being on Origin killed any chance of a real community forming around the game. Last I looked there were less than 4,000 players on the leaderboards in total.

#4 Posted by BillyMethers (161 posts) -

@TobbRobb: of course there's room to be an active player. In fact I suprisingly meet people who purchased the game only a few weeks ago, like myself.

I dont think the syndicates are that big but I like the whole futuristic aesthetic to the game. Too bad it doesn't have LAN or custom map support cause that would extend the life of the game more.

#5 Posted by TobbRobb (5243 posts) -

@BillyMethers: Well obviously there would be a few latecomers. But I read active player as someone who has been playing since release. Mistake on my part.

#6 Posted by Mnemoidian (1008 posts) -

@TobbRobb: The competative co-op nature does lend to "active players", I feel. Unfortunately, being sent out to die (hardly any marketing, on a tiny platform) just weeks before Mass Effect launched with similar(ish) multiplayer. Not to mention the utter lack of support since launch has most likely not been helpful to the Syndicate community... Sucks even more when you look at how it's impacted Starbreeze. Meh.

Real shame, we had a lot of fun around launch with the multiplayer :)

Unfortunately, the game runs like garbage for me since I got my new monitor. Pretty curious what the syndicate leaderboards look like now, though... doubt I'll have time to play it though.

#7 Posted by AssInAss (3098 posts) -

Jeff mentioned it on the Bombcast and he said it's his favorite FPS this year, so I don't mind playing again with you guys :)

I agree with him, it's my Left 4 Dead too.

#8 Posted by NyxFe (252 posts) -

I still need China on the highest difficulty so I'd be interested in playing some.  
Origin username is NyxFe. 

#9 Edited by winterking (4 posts) -

I'm also down for playing. Origin name is ScoresMAN.

EDIT: I also play the PS3 version. PSN name is frostman2121

#10 Posted by BillyMethers (161 posts) -

I just added both of you in the game on PC.

#11 Posted by Great__defunct__Northern (142 posts) -

I literally just picked up the PC version yesterday, but I'm interested in playing some co-op later this week. I added winterking and NyxFe to my formerly barren Origin friends list.

#12 Posted by CrimsonNoir (412 posts) -

Just created a new Syndicate for us GB newcomers, The Zanzibar Group. I'll send out invites tomorrow, add me for an invite. Origin ID: EchoNoir.

#13 Posted by Hunkadunkasaurus (234 posts) -

Go ahead and invite me as well. I just got it on sale, like so many others. Origin ID: Bearhardt

#14 Posted by Rapid (1460 posts) -

Got on sale too Origin ID: Rapidhamari

#15 Posted by CrimsonNoir (412 posts) -

Add the both of you, hopefully people will log in to check their invites. Still kind of a pain to find a game.

#16 Posted by Wampa1 (815 posts) -

@MongoosePL: @Rapid: @CrimsonNoir: Hey, just got it myself so you know who's adding and why. ID is Foodcricket if anyone else wants it.

#17 Posted by CrimsonNoir (412 posts) -

@Wampa1 said:

@MongoosePL: @Rapid: @CrimsonNoir: Hey, just got it myself so you know who's adding and why. ID is Foodcricket if anyone else wants it.

sweet ill add you to my friends list. added pretty much everyone but some peoples name didnt show up, im guessing you need to log into syndicates co-op first. I've been adding everyone through the in game friends list.

#18 Posted by Hunkadunkasaurus (234 posts) -

I added a bunch in Syn as well. Perhaps we should pick a time on a Saturday or something to breach some fools.

#19 Edited by Sweetz (674 posts) -

I re-installed the game for TNT and then they ended up playing on 360 anyway :( The MP community was already dead by the time I got the game (completed about 2 of the maps on normal, but that's all I ever had the chance to do), so I'd really like to play if you guys get something going. My Origin ID is: Sweetz

#20 Posted by tranquilchaos (578 posts) -

I really want to get into this now that I finally bought it...

#21 Posted by BugHunter (24 posts) -

I just bought this weekend after seeing it on TNT this week. My Origin ID is FuriousOatmeal.

#22 Posted by EVxx (4 posts) -

Just added couple of you - the couple co-op games I played this week were all very nice.

#23 Posted by ajamafalous (12539 posts) -

I bought this on sale yesterday (and had Bank of America put my card on hold because of a 'suspicious charge' from Thanks guys).

I probably won't be playing it for a while, but you can add my origin account (ajamafalous) and if anyone's interested when they see me online and playing, feel free to message me and we'll play.

#24 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1918 posts) -

I haven't played recently, but I am totally down to play some video games with duders! Feel free to add me, my origin account is Lunaescent.

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