Around 1 console crash per hour.

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Me and 2 friends are getting very consistent hard freezes. Anyone else? (360 version)

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Hope you have some cash on hand, you might need to buy a new console soon.

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@Dagbiker: That's not beyond discussion but other games are working fine and my buddies game behaves as badly as mine.

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then i wouldent know.

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I hear clearing the cache is a good idea for improving performance. Otherwise, I think it may be an issue within the game. Contact the developer.

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Same here. I'm on PS3 and about every hour and a half, the game will start lagging to the point of doors opening, but spitting me back out, stopping me from progressing. All I do is quit to the main menu(Which takes a whole two seconds) and then continue again. So far it's worked perfectly.

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The demo was doing that to my friends and I about every hour and a half to three hours. Hopefully this is something patchable...

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Last night I had two hard locks, while my partner had only one. We played about two or three hours, so. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this might be an issue with Syndicate.

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Or perhaps he's just experiencing the same issue everyone else on is on co-op. Sheesh : /

It dies on me too. Just have to wait for a patch.

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Next time, get the game on a console. You should know by now that PCs are plagued with these sorts of issu...


When my PS3 was hard locking on me during MvC3, it was on death's doorstep. But if all your buddies are having an issue? And it looks like others here are having the same issue? That's some quality assurance testin'.

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Just had a hard lock myself after playing for almost 2 hours. Playing on 360 too, and didn't see any signs of it struggling before it locked.

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played all last night (7-12pm). no crashes (360)

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Some 360 users think it's related to partychat, which would suck.
You're free to call me a jerk but I strongly, firmly believe the reason for this not being spotted until now is because of EA's shitty QA departments in far away countries and how badly they're being run, I am like 90% sure, because they will pick up and report every little texture error and geometry miss they find but rarely will they find something like this, an exploit or a glitch, because they get paid per report..

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yeah i CTD a few times when playing co-op, never the single player though. 

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It was fine last night, but tonight it's been crashing pretty frequently. Real bummer.

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Hmmm...that's weird, I've been playing the 360 version for quite a while in both single player and co-op, and have had no issues like that. Best of luck to ya.

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i played most of the night tonight including when i got into the last game of the TNT. a lot of fun. but then hard freeze in the menu, which was strange, but i thought nothing of it. its crashed twice since then tonight.

been having fun with the game so i hope this isn't too consistent of a thing.

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demo locked up my console several times.

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just had a crash when activating a elevator in the slum area of the game, I was also having lots of issues with iron brigade the other day

I reloaded the button worked the i died when back to before it'd pressed the elevator button and it hard locked the 360 on my fourth elevator attempt now ...

I should say im playing on a x360 slim with the game installed to HDD

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The freezing issue in this game is ridiculous. I don't even think New Vegas pre-patch locked up on me as often as this game does. Just in the last 45 minutes, locked up on the final boss, locked up loading into a co-op match, and locked up quitting a co-op match. Froze on me two or three times yesterday, as well. It's incredibly frustrating. I don't know if I'll keep playing until they patch this.

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i've only played the story mode and i'm yet to finish it, the only problem i had was when i left the game running (no pause) in the middle of a mission, when i came back my PS3 was working frame by frame, not completely frozen but unusable.

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it has locked up on me 3 times. playing on the 360 with game not installed

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It needs a patch for the lockups. Staying out of party chat helps lessen the frequency, but it freezes regardless. I love the co-op gameplay and all the upgrade options/choices; just don't know if anyone will be around to play with when they eventually fix it.

EA claims 'the developer has been made aware of the problem', so a patch should be in the works. Hopefully real soon.

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Well, that takes the wind out the sails of the hype right there. Damn.

#25 Posted by PedanticJase (63 posts) -

further to my previous post that was the only time i experienced issues been playing co op most of today and its been fine

#26 Posted by Barrock (3774 posts) -

I'm getting a lockup during single player. Xbox just freezes. It was a Kinect bundle so it isn't THAT old.

#27 Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n (826 posts) -

Smooth sailing for me :/

#28 Posted by ShadowSkill11 (1879 posts) -

PC Version. Fully functional and better performing than anything else.

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I've only had it lock up in single player once, co-op is fine for me.

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I just got my first hard lock after an hour straight of gameplay. Not impressed (on chapter 7) so I think I'm just going to eject it and trade it in at Blockbuster for SSX on Tuesday. I think this may be the first time I have ever disagreed with Jeff.

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No crashes but I've had a seriously issue with BLINDNESS. Seriously, what the hell is the point in using this much bloom. Was the games main inspiration the fucking sun from Battlefield 3. It's horrible.

Oh yeah, PC.

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Not a single crash on the Xbox version.

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I have a 2 year old heavily used 360 and I played Syndicate through in one solid sitting, and then played a bunch of co-op the following days. No crashes, no stutters, no nothing. Are you guys rocking PS3s? Because I'm told that port isn't stellar.

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@Sunjammer: No I'm playing on my Xbox 360 S Model. Bought probably around 2 years ago as well.

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Have a 360 S that is relatively new and the game has locked up on me at least 4 times and my friend has also had the same problem. It's only been happening in the Co-op as well. Didn't have any issues with the campaign.

From the looks of things it seems to be pretty common so hopefully there's a patch in the works.

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I have had some issues on 360, but an every hour thing, no. If you have it installed this shouldn't be happening unless your console is going to die VERY soon.

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Yeah I know this is old, but I just picked up Syndicate and I'm really disappointed by the frequent locking up. It's locked up on me at least 3 times on 360. I'm playing single player on hard on an Elite and I'm not party chatting. No other game has froze on me before.

On the plus side I'm only a few levels away from beating the game but this is making me not as excited to try the co-op.

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When I played it, I had zero crashes. On PC.

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