Do people still play Co-Op on PS3?

#1 Posted by tvekrules (17 posts) -

Heard this game was really good, but want to make sure that there's still a good amount of people who still play Co-Op

#2 Posted by Crixaliz (808 posts) -

I bought it about a month ago for the PS3.

Weekends you can usually find a game, if not, start one and someone will join relatively quickly. Weekdays it seems like a ghost-town.

#3 Posted by GooieGreen (463 posts) -

@tvekrules: I bought it recently and have been looking for other people to join up. I had a harder time looking during the day but there are people on, though it is hard to say how many.

If you're looking for someone to run with, I'm usually around in the evenings and the weekends. PSN: GooieGreen

#4 Posted by SAC (129 posts) -

@GooieGreen@Crixaliz@tvekrules i know i'm a little late to this thread, but i just got this game and am really liking the co-op. i want to play it on harder difficulties though, so if anyone wants to play sometime... PSN: SAC-99

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