Giantbomb Syndicates

#301 Posted by ReaganStein (92 posts) -

Would love to get into the GB 360 syndicate. Eastern time zone.

360 GT: Reaganstein

#302 Posted by Rapid (1474 posts) -

I would like to join the PC

Origin ID: Rapidhamari

#303 Posted by Faltru (128 posts) -

I don't know if anyone is still active on the PS3 syndicate, but if so I would appreciate an invite. Thanks!

PSN ID: Faltru

#304 Posted by thefaulconer (67 posts) -

I just picked it up on sale but if the PC group is still up I'd love an add

Origin ID: GooseHoward

#305 Posted by markbaka (14 posts) -

if anybody is still playing this on 360 I want in GT: markbaka

#306 Posted by edulle (19 posts) -

I got this on PC during gamefly's sale. If anyone is active on PC please add me.

Origin ID: Edule

#307 Posted by Giantstalker (1943 posts) -

Is there a PC syndicate still going from GB? I just finished the single player, really want to get into the co-op.

Origin ID is, predictably, Giantstalker

#308 Posted by CrimsonNoir (412 posts) -

Same here as the last few guys, down to play some PC co-op.

Origin ID: EchoNoir

#309 Posted by TromboneTony (175 posts) -

I'd like to get in on some PC coop, Origin ID is DeviousChainsaw .

#310 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

I would love to coop this game. Send me a syndicate invite. Origin ID: jou321

#311 Posted by djgoodnews (20 posts) -

Invited a few people on PC but it's full now and only the CEO can clear out inactive members soooo somebody should probably start a new one.

#312 Posted by GaspoweR (4370 posts) -

GT: Wytpony im getting it soon.

#313 Posted by ReCkLeSs_X (475 posts) -

Just bought this game the other day! Won't be able to play it until late December, but I hope there's still room for me in Giant Bomb Heavy Industries

#314 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (671 posts) -

Just got it, kinda on accident, kinda not on accident. Origin Name is MyNiceIceLife

#315 Posted by scraz (91 posts) -

Looking for sydicate invite on PC Origin id: scrazle

#316 Posted by CrimsonNoir (412 posts) -

Made a new syndicate for new players, The Zanzibar Group. Add me as a friend in Syndicate and I'll start sending invites.

Origin ID: EchoNoir

#317 Posted by d3c0yBoY (25 posts) -

XBOX GT: d3c0yBoY Just recently got into this game and would love to join in.

#318 Posted by GalacticGravy (665 posts) -

I am on Xbox 360 with the gamertag "Baron Buttloaf"

Please add me to some Giant Bomb related syndicate.

#319 Posted by Ouren (138 posts) -

PSN Duder looking for some co-op!

PSN: Ouren

#320 Posted by Silver-Streak (1593 posts) -

PC, due to $5 for syndicate deal

Origin ID: GinnoIchijou

#321 Posted by evanomeara (97 posts) -

I have started recently for 360 gamertag is playmkr86

#322 Posted by mistergrieves (45 posts) -

I also just picked this one up one 360. GT is reallycoolname

#323 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1976 posts) -

I humbly submit my agent application to for acceptance into the Giant Bullfrog Corporation

Origin ID: colonelpopcorn

#324 Posted by GooieGreen (464 posts) -

PS3 group, are you still running?

#325 Posted by CharleyTony (1021 posts) -

New Syndicate player on 360

GT = charleytony

#326 Posted by BaconGames (3929 posts) -

@c0l0nelp0c0rn1 said:

I humbly submit my agent application to for acceptance into the Giant Bullfrog Corporation

Origin ID: colonelpopcorn

I've been meaning to address this but if syndicates have a player limit of 30 then Giant Bullfrog has been full for a long while. I don't know about you but Hammer_Inc doesn't sound like an enticing or particularly "GB" syndicate name. If anything this is really making me want to start my own and use the names on PC that have been used on other platforms and make it a subsidiary of those. Would anyone object if I made a Giant Bomb Heavy Industries or Luchacorp syndicate on PC?

Since I visit the site all the time and I've really been meaning to get some co-op in after abandoning the single-player, I came back to this thread with no confidence in joining any of these syndicates or anything happening at all. As a result if people want I'll make a new thread (or use this one) to get recruits for the syndicate. Hell I'll take anyone not currently in Giant Bullfrog if they want to join, assuming that syndicate gets any semblance of play. If not, then it might be time to announce a new Giant Bomb syndicate to rise anew.

#327 Posted by Tennmuerti (8629 posts) -

@BaconGames: Go ahead mate, Giant Bullfrog has been full almost a year ago :P and then subsequently dead a few weeks after.

#328 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1976 posts) -

@BaconGames: @Tennmuerti: Besides hostile takeovers and corporate bullying are part of the spirit of Syndicate.

#329 Posted by light_grenade (128 posts) -

@bacongames: I'd say create a new thread as it might be lost amongst everything else. Also since all the other syndicates in this thread are dead.

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