Looking for GB's to roll with..

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Since it seems to be difficult to get new players into the 360 Syndicate, I'm just looking GB Syndicate players on my friends list as possible. None of my friends are picking this up and so far every game I've played has been with randoms that don't use mics..or teamwork.

Add me, I'm usually on in the evenings MST.


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GT: TintPole

Lets start our own Giant Bomb Syndicate.

EDIT: Syndicate Giant Bomb is Dead. Jeff set me up so that I can add people to GBHeavyInd. So we are going to move all of the Giant Bomb 360 Syndicate stuff back over to the general Giant Bomb Community Syndicate Thread. So if anyone wants to join just post your gamer-tag over there. And if you were in syndoicate Giant Bomb you should already have an invite for GBHeavyInd.

#3 Posted by Zrais (163 posts) -

Sounds like a plan. I'm still in the office until 5pm MST, but I will certainly be on later.

#4 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

Okay I have it set up.

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I will join this syndicate, but with the suggestion that if someone in Giant Bomb Heavy Industries starts giving out invites, we engage in a merger and fold into it. No need to split the userbase if the opportunity presents itself.

When will you be on? I can be on any time pretty much in the next six hours (5-11 est) and can do so pretty much any weekday, to send invites to more members if need be.

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@rivaldi22: I agree. I am only starting this one because I can't get anyone to invite me into GB Heavy Industries. I will be on every night at 7 Mountain time. I know that is pretty late for you so lets get you signed up as an executive right now.

Edit: or latter.

Just give me your gamer tag and I will invite you to a game and add you.

#7 Posted by rivaldi22 (122 posts) -

@TentPole: My gamertag is Rivaldi22, I'll turn my Xbox on now, no rush.

#8 Posted by xivia (16 posts) -

Just got the game xivia1 is my tag!

#9 Posted by Leviticus128 (244 posts) -

could you invite me please. GT: Leviticus128

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@xivia: @Leviticus128: Friend invites sent. Accept those and I can add you.

Edit. Syndicate invitation are out.

And let me know if anyone is interested in being a board member.

#11 Posted by Leviticus128 (244 posts) -

I'm happy to be a board member

#12 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

@Leviticus128: I will be on later tonight and I will go ahead and promote you then.

#13 Posted by Zrais (163 posts) -

I'll be on at 7MST Tent. I'll do the Board Member thing also, just so we can get more people invited.

#14 Posted by InflectionPixel (16 posts) -

Would love an active Syndicate. Sending a friend request to you, TentPole.

GT: InflectionPixel

#15 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

@InflectionPixel: Invite sent.

#16 Posted by spree4567 (160 posts) -

Sending a friend request to you TentPole

GT: spree4567

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@spree4567: I am sending you an invite as I think I accidently rejected yours.

Edit: Never mind. I just added you and didn't notice. Sending syndicate invite now.

#18 Posted by Consaw (261 posts) -

@TentPole: Im sending you a friend request. Ill be on later tonight if anyone wants to play. I am still very low leveled, but im good at healing.

GT: consaw

#19 Posted by rivaldi22 (122 posts) -

As a side note, if TentPole is not online, you can reach me at the gamertag Rivaldi22, and you will be helped by the first available representative.

#20 Posted by Zrais (163 posts) -

I can do invites as well


#21 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

@xivia: I promoted you because you are badass.

#22 Posted by xivia (16 posts) -

Haha sorry was playing last night without a mic something about my old ass wireless controller and the old bluetooth dont work together. But ive been cracking out on this for two days now! I think we could do it on hard tonight if anyone is game...On the down side the game likes to crash alot :/

#23 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

@xivia: Lets do it.

#24 Posted by light_grenade (129 posts) -

@TentPole: Syndicate added to the list. Can you let me know the members of the syndicate, so I can add that to the lists in the syndicate thread? Cheers :)

#25 Posted by urban_skunk (2 posts) -

I'm in the same boat as some of you guys: none of my friends are picking up Syndicate. Would be great to join a consistent group for playing.

Usually on about 9 EST.

GT: urbanskunk

#26 Posted by kurtkless (97 posts) -

can someone shoot me an invite, just got the game today

GT: xkurtklessx

#27 Posted by CactusJack (148 posts) -

I'd like in on this, I'll add one of you guys later and then you can jump me in.

GT: CactusJack

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@Zrais: I'm sending you an invite, feel free to invite me to a game if I'm online.

GT: MyChemCraze

#29 Posted by Zrais (163 posts) -


I'm usually on in the evenings..hope to see you then.

#30 Posted by xxizzypop (644 posts) -

Looking to get in on the syndicate for 360, GT: xxizziePOP

#31 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

@urban_skunk: @kurtkless: @CactusJack: @xxizzypop: Friend request sent. Accept those and I can send you an in-game syndicate invitation.

@RubberFactory: I tried adding you on Xbox Live and kept getting told that your gamertag was invalid???

@light_grenade: Fantastic! I will get that to you by this evening. Thank You.

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Ill be on around 7:30 mountain id like to run some expert missions! They are a bit punishing so count on alot of resetting check points!

#33 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

@xivia: I will be there.

#34 Posted by RubberFactory (306 posts) -

@TentPole: I'm not sure if this is the problem you were having, but it's got some capitalized like I write it.

GT: MyChemCraze

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Is tere anyway we can get jeff gerstmann to promote someone to unite the gb corps? Call into the happyhour? I would like to get a merger before the apex of thus game falls to much.

#36 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

@xivia: I have talked to Jeff and he is going to try to transfer GB Heavy Industries over to me since he is too busy to actually be involved. If he is not able to do that I think we are just going to declare GB Heavy Industries dead.

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So we are going to move all of the Giant Bomb 360 Syndicate stuff back over to the general Giant Bomb Community Syndicate Thread. So if anyone wants to join just post your gamer-tag over there.

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