No more demo?

#1 Posted by B0HICAH (56 posts) -

Hey duders. I downloaded the demo for Syndicate on XBL a few weeks ago. My co op buddy has been sick and hasn't been able to play online with me until tonight.

We booted up the demo and both of us are getting errors trying to connect to the servers. A quick google isn't showing much except a few others with the same problem. The demo isn't even on the dashboard anymore. I'm assuming they took it down because the actual game is out now? Is there really no way for us to play the demo for Syndicate?


#2 Posted by The_Drizzle (755 posts) -

I was looking for the demo as well the other day after reading jeff's review. I'm curious as to why they took it down

#3 Posted by wemibelec90 (2157 posts) -

Nowadays, many companies will pull online demos of any kind before the release of the product. I have often wondered why it is they do this. I don't really see how a single level demo with limited features can really be seen as a deterrent to buying the actual game.

#4 Posted by Sander (425 posts) -

Yeah I finally got a little excited to play this and now I can't. I guess EA doesn't want to overwhelm their network any more than they have to. 
$60 saved.

#5 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -
@The_Drizzle said:

I was looking for the demo as well the other day after reading jeff's review. I'm curious as to why they took it down

Same here, such a shame!
#6 Posted by ShaggE (7307 posts) -

I wish they'd stop doing that. Sometimes I have no intention of purchasing a game, either because I own the PC version, or I just don't like it enough to buy it, but the demo is entertaining enough for me to revisit it on occasion (see the Far Cry MP demo, or the L4D2 demo).

#7 Posted by believer258 (13046 posts) -

I was looking for it as well. It appears to have taken an arrow to the kn *gets shot by unseen assassin*

#8 Posted by VisariLoyalist (3092 posts) -

I had a similar experience except I managed to download it but could not actually get it to connect. Then the actual game arrived in the mail. I'm enjoying it a lot so far you duders should get it and we can shoot things.

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