PC Version: input lag, annoying RGB alignment offset?

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I haven't spent a ton of time with this game yet (maybe 10 minutes total between last night and this morning), but I've noticed a considerable amount of input lag. Anybody else seeing this? The mouse cursor doesn't seem to lag in the menus, but there's an annoying amount of delay, using either mouse/keyboard or a 360 gamepad, during actual gameplay.

Also, has anybody figured out a way to turn down the annoying RGB text registration offset that they've applied to all the text? It's a little too strong and make my eyes water.

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Yeah I have input lag when I play the campaign, but not in coop. EDIT: KB/M obviously.

#3 Posted by mosdl (3267 posts) -

I assume they have mouse smoothing enabled, can't find anything on how to disable it. That could cause the "lag".

#4 Posted by Jackel2072 (2279 posts) -

im not noticing any input lag on my end. matter of fact when i first started playing i had to turn the sensitivity way down. somewhere in the options menu you can disable aim assist. did you guys do that? 

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I had the same thing as Jackael, my inputs were very sensitive. Do you have vsync on? Are you getting lower framerates? Both of those issues can cause what feels like input lag.

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turn Vsync off

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