Stuck on 3rd agent

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Help I'm stuck. I have no weapons, he jumps around throwing grenades at me. At first he only throws 1, which I can breach, but at one point he either just throws 4-5 which I don't have time to breach all of, and kills me, or he throws this gadget on the ground, followed by 4-5 grenades, which also kills me. What am I doing wrong here? Am I supposed to go somewhere, or get a weapon somehow? Dying 6-7 times is not fun.

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Go into DART mode just before he fires the bunch of grenades, that should give you time to hack almost all of them.

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Thank you, that did it, don't know why I didn't think of that before :-)

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@Flaboere: Playing on hard, I had the same issue as you say you are having - dying, not really knowing what to do.

You can stop looking for weapons - there are none.

What I did, was to be prepared for him throwing the Jammer grenade - smash it as soon as it touches ground, then spring back behind the "cover" on the other side of the bridge and activate DART. If you can breach any missiles while you are sprinting, that helps. Otherwise, just hide, keep DART on to mitigate damage and give you more time to breach the missiles you will have time for - and hope that you don't take too much damage.

That boss is probably both my most and least favorite boss of the game :P

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OK, you need to use dart to hack the missiles when he shoots three at a time, at the beginning when he is shooting just one its not a big deal. So when he starts shooting three missiles at once he will also throw a emp grenade on the ground be ready to run up to it to breach ASAP. Now this is key, i stayed to the left side so that when he started shooting from the back center platform i could hide behind the steel wall. Now when you are hiding from bullets and he is on the back center platform there is a generator up there you need to breach to kill him. I was playing on normal so it only took one try to finally kill him so i am not sure if hard will take more.

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Ah well. So much for that, had to give up on the last boss, even on easy I have no chance. Guess I can find the ending on youtube.

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@Flaboere: Really?

The trick is to separate the twins so that they can't heal each other, which is a lot easier than it looks. Then to kill Merit I just danced around the server racks until I was at health then breached his chip, and then introduced my shotgun to his face. Pretty simple boss fight, I thought.
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Yeah well. After dying 10-15 times, it's just not fun anymore. I managed to take his first shield down, after that he would take me out in 4-5 seconds basically. I saw the ending on youtube.

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I love the bosses in this game, requires tactics and use of your powers.

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@mosdl: Well, tactics, maybe, but not powers. The bosses are immune to all but the breach power.

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