Will you be buying this game after playing the demo?

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Everything I saw of Syndicate before the demo, had me at a slight interest. The visuals were clever and as a sucker for sci-fi and dub-step the look and feel was intriguing. I played the original as a youngster; though at the time the game was too demanding and I never finished it.

The demo which has been released, has me hooked. The shooting feels great and the team aspects make for an enjoyable experience where working together pays off. I was also surprised to see the progression available in the demo.

I am now extremely interested in this game and look forward to picking it up at the end of the month and wondered if anyone else was blissfully surprised at how polished this product actually is.

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I actually really enjoyed the demo. It's gotten me into maybe buying the game. I'm an admittedly single-player-focused gamer. If I could have gotten a taste of that, I would have been sold.

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Likewise the demo has me hooked. First time I played it I didn't like it very much. The movement felt off and the shooting clunky. Every gun I tried felt like the recoil was insane. Then I spent some upgrade points, played a few more matches and got a new gun with a nice sight and everything flipped around.

I like the team aspect - even playing with random people theres some aspect of teamwork present.

I like the separate upgrade trees for your character and weapons.

The breaching abilities are fun and once again when you upgrade your chips and get more of them as well as faster recharge it's a lot cooler.

What I didn't like so much was:

it's a demo but the network code is pretty poor. I don't think I've played a single game online where the movement wasn't just a bit janky.

It's slightly weird that you need to unlock a research item and then research it fully to get it. I played a match or two in order to earn 6 tokens for my weapon upgrade, got it, but then you have to play 1-2 more matches to get that 15k research pumped into it which is kind of a drag.

Some of the movement is a bit clunky. The slide is cool but they should have implemented more use for it like low openings in walls or whatever. The melee is also a hit or miss. Maybe it's because when I play Call of Duty (which has an identical control scheme basically) I have R3 as crouch and B as melee so clicking the stick to melee isn't something I'm used to. Sometimes I'll be in front of a soldier mashing the stick and nothing happens.

I think I will actively have to stop playing the demo because I'll end up ruining the retail release for myself.

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I'm not much into multiplayer, but this is great, when folks work together and heal each other it's super fun. I've played multiple rounds almost daily since I got the demo. Especially for such a short mission to keep coming back to, but I really haven't had bad experience yet.

The first couple times through, admittedly, I had no clue what I was doing, and it took a few rounds to realize that there was persistence to my PC.

But now I've spent a few points and got some new abilities and i'm really liking it more than most any other MP game I play. Don't get me wrong I still love BF3, but it's pretty cool being able to complete a mission without dying, and when you do go down knowing that your teammate will try to revive you shortly.

I was pretty interested before, it's a must have for me now

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probably will try it on gamefly if there is good reviews on it.

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Yeah, the demo was alright. It's not what I'm expecting out of the full game, so I'm still waiting for the campaign, and I hope it's even better. While I think it's an OK demo, I was expecting something a little better from a graphics standpoint. Some of the visuals looked as it did from before which was great, but other aspects only reached the "good" or "OK" mark, which is fine I guess, but not what I wanted. It just had some bad texture quality to some of it is all.

I'm surprised the controls were as accessible as they are since from the videos shown before, it looked like a lot was going on, it makes it feel pretty standard for shooters, but I say all the better for it. I'm still excited about the game, Starbreeze has always made fantastic games. I'm just hoping it's a little bit better, 'cause this felt more like a beta than a demo. I'm not much of a multiplayer person and the only time I ever really play them by myself (or at all for that matter) is when beta's come out before a big game launch. Not to say they're not fun, I'm just saying I like campaigns more.

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This demo completely blindsided me. I wasn't even aware of the reimagining of the old Syndicate game, so when I noticed this demo I immediately downloaded it.

And I'm definitely buying. I've never had an online FPS multiplayer experience quite like this. It simply blew my mind. I'll be going down to my local Gamestop today and preordering it.

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I don't understand why they would do a co-op demo and not a singleplayer demo. There was no introduction, no context, no tutorial, just do this and that with three other people.

Not a fan.

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@OtakuGamer said:

I don't understand why they would do a co-op demo and not a singleplayer demo. There was no introduction, no context, no tutorial, just do this and that with three other people.

I think that's nearly the perfect way to handle a demo of a game that will (hopefully) have a pretty nifty/cool/interesting storyline and background. Give it to these internet people to try, raw dawg style, just the basics, and see what what happens. I'm certainly interested in it now, now that I know the shooting mechanics are at least solid.

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I will buy this game without playing the demo, if that counts.

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I like Stardock, so if it's well received I'll probably pick it up.

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@GetEveryone said:

I like Stardock, so if it's well received I'll probably pick it up.

I think you mean Starbreeze.
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It's fun, but I've got my eyes on another couple of games. I'll probably get it sometime in the future.

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@SeriouslyNow said:

@GetEveryone said:

I like Stardock, so if it's well received I'll probably pick it up.

I think you mean Starbreeze.

No, it was a non sequitur...


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@GetEveryone said:

@SeriouslyNow said:

@GetEveryone said:

I like Stardock, so if it's well received I'll probably pick it up.

I think you mean Starbreeze.

No, it was a non sequitur...


I like traffic lights.
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I'll probably get it for cheapsies in some sale at some point.

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Wait, there's no demo for the PC? Bleh.

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I'd totally try it out and like it, but since I'm a second class citizen I unfortunately can't and must construct my own demo.

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Take a look at this if you don't want to commit those precious gigabytes to downloading something free.

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Me and some friends just spent a little over an hour finishing this level on hard. I have to say, it was EXTREMELY FUN. I will pay 60$ for many more hours of cyberpunk jokes* and challenging co-op.

*cyberpunk jokes not included

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Yea, will wait to see how it handles on PC first. Then sometime down the line I'll get it. I played the demo lots with friends and it was good times.

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Nobody steals my shares, so lessons will be taught, co-op or no, and with cool leaning aiming. Starwind games are awesome also..... Need a reboot now!!!

Or at least on 2/21/2069.

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So I used to play the original. Thought it was pretty good. Heard EA was remaking it. Saw it was a first person shooter. Sort of lost interest. Saw a bunch of trailers. Started to gain mild interest. Heard about co-op. Had definite interest. Played the demo. Pre-ordered the game. Excited for the launch.

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Nope, I'm trying to save more money this year and the game doesn't look good enough to drop $60 on.

#25 Posted by Sgykah (95 posts) -

amazon is doing a 20$ credit for it... so... it's actually not $60.

also, the demo did surprise me. did not expect to want to own this game.

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I really enjoyed the demo. I love the futuristic vibe and presentation, especially with the HUD. Just all that stuff flying around and that sweet sound the DART mode makes, and just the general feel of the controls. Day 1 purchase.

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I had fun with the demo. Will probably buy it.

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I leave for the US two days after release in Sweden. I will play this nonstop before leaving the country.

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I had heard about it before, but wasn't really interested. I saw the demo, and I thought I would try it out. I was blown away at how fun this game was, so much so that I told 3 of my friends to download and play it with me and they did and now they all plan to buy it at launch too.

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I enjoyed it a lot, but I don't have the money to purchase it right off the bat, and add in my semester being busy as hell.

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There was a demo? Did I miss it?

Probably will wait for reviews!

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Not gonna buy regardless of demo.
I simply can't support decisions such as this to the franchise I love.
Same reason I won't buy the Xcom shooter, but will buy the Firaxis remake.

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the first thing i noticed about the demo was how janky the whole thing felt, the shooting feels a little wierd, the movement feels clunky, and the enemy AI is fucking terrible... 4 hours later, none of these things matter anymore and im just blown away by how fun/playable the whole thing is, im 90% about getting it, iv got alot of other games to play at the minute but i think i will squeeze it in, might try and persuade a few mates to get it too, whilst i had alot of fun with strangers, i imaging it will be multiplied with friends

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The demo just showed me that the game is awful. The game has nothing going on that makes itself meaningful. The characters are overdesigned, I had no idea what the hell was going on, and the menues has more clutter than my grandma's basement.

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@Tennmuerti: I have a similar stance here.

So after watching the video (no PC demo apparently) it looks like something I would like pay 10-15 bucks for in a steam sale (only it is not on steam). I hate the whole Idea of Syndicate being a shooter.

Also. Cartel

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Probably wait for Jefe's review but color me ver interested.

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