Xbox 360 Co-op - Anyone still playing?

#1 Posted by Jiggaboojeeves (17 posts) -

Was thinking of picking this up on Games on Demand and am wondering if anyone is still actively playing this game. Anyone?

#2 Posted by DGBruin08 (123 posts) -

I want to play the co-op of this game. I would totally be willing to get back into this. I've got a lot of free time coming up next week.

#3 Posted by sup909 (245 posts) -

I actually just started playing this a couple of weeks ago. Just a few hours in.

#4 Edited by XenoNick (1516 posts) -

I still have the game and will gladly play Co-op.

#5 Posted by bigevil1987 (162 posts) -

I'm game, BigEvil1987. Look me up.

#6 Posted by thecatswhiskers (62 posts) -

I'm up for some co-op, I cant use a mic though!


#7 Edited by chilipeppersman (1241 posts) -

Just picked this up to play with a friend, im at stayinfrosty707 if anyone wants to play

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