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Syndicate Reviewed by Doc D Strange


That's a good guy right?

The year is 2069, corporations are more powerful than the government's of the world. One of these corporations is EuroCorp in Manhattan NY. You play as Miles Kilo a agent that works for EuroCorp. Miles is special ofcourse because he has the Dart 6 chip in his brain. Which allows him to hack objects in the world and chipped up people. Jack Denham is the CEO of EuroCorp, he's the one that gives you the orders to go steal technology/murder people from rival company's. Business as usual right big corporations do that now days right? That would be crazy if one day Nabisco had high tech killing machines starting a war with rival FritoLay. Anyway there's twists that you could probably expect and Jeff said in his review that he thought the ending kinda fell fat but I disagree, if I was in the bad guys position I'd probably do the same. Now on to the real good stuff! The gameplay is this game is sooo fucking satisfying, one could say from just a glance OH it's just another FPS and they'd be right! It is at its core an FPS but when you introduce the on the fly hacking/breaching abilities its a game changer for real. there are 3 different breaching powers that you get throughout the game. Suicide is pretty self explanatory, Backfire power blows up the enemy's gun and pushes them down in the process, last is Persuade which make the enemy fight with you and when there are no more enemies to kill he draws the gun on himself its my favorite power. Syndicate has a light RPG leveling system the likes of more damage to faster cool down's on breaches. The game has your standard gun's like machine guns to shotguns but the are some standouts. Once you start using your powers and gunplay together than the game really open's up, its just a ton of fun.


Starbreeze Studio makes great FPS games but they're way. Anytime I first play a new FPS I always look down to see if I can see the legs and feet, I love when developers do that. Its a little touch but super groovy! Syndicate looks great, cool near futuristic clean shine in the corporate buildings and in the slums the world is rainy with neon sign's everywhere. Think Blade Runner. The game run's smooth on the 360 also. Syndicate has some good voice acting the likes of Brian Cox's (ManHunt and the bad guy in pretty much everything) as Jack Denham. Rosario Dawson (25th hour, Clerks 2) is the techy scientist that implant's the dart 6 chip in you. Techno soundtrack is pretty good if you like techno, I really don't care for it much but it sets the mood of the game.


Wildly addictive!

This is were Syndicate really shines in my eye's. The online portion of the game is a highly addictive 4 player co-op. You receive mission's from HQ and some are specific hit's or stealing information. Enemies fill out the levels from your regular grunt to rival agent's. It is so much damn fun! For rewards for completing missions you receive token's to spend on weapon upgrades and new powers. I have only played with strangers cause none of my buds have picked this up yet. Team work is key to success, heal up your teammates if you don't your all done. Syndicate's co-op is the most fun I've had in awhile from online multiplayer.

Is this game any fun

Syndicate is a breath of fresh air. Buy this game if your looking for good but short single player campaign and a MEATY co-op section. This game is $60 but it's worth $80 to me. Pick it up!

Beer of the Review

IPA for grown ups.

While I was finishing the campaign and really getting into the co-op I was sippin on some of the hoppiest beer you can buy in a can. Modus Hoperandi IPA (India Pale Ale) comes from Ska Brewery in Durango Colorado. I love me some hops in the brews I drink and this one is a 9 out of 10. Check it out if your looking for some fantastic beer. www.skabrewing.com

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