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Syphon Filter: Combat Ops is a multiplayer only game based on the online component from Syphon Filter: Logans Shadow. Combat Ops is avaliable only through the Playstation Store on PC or PS3 for $9.99. This game takes the multiplayer of Logans Shadow and adds a map editor similar to Halo 3's Forge mode. First you will need to pick one of four different locales, either fortress, village, aerospace, or ruins. Then you will pick one of many templates to be your central zone in the map along with two secondary sections that go on either side of your central zone. After the map's base is complete you will need to choose if you want the time to be night or day, as well as decide if you want one of six weather effects, clear, foggy, rainy, dusty, snowing, or flooded to come into play. Picking flooded will fill a majority of the map with water which allows for lots of underwater combat with spearguns and bolt pistols. When all those settings are taken care of, you can add tons of weapons (Combat Ops comes with 55 weapons), stationary turrets, spawn points, and objectives to the map to further customize your map. You can then take your map online to play with buddys or people around the world. Combat Ops also has support for friend's lists, voice chat using the PSP Headset, and a message board that can be accessed through the game's menus.

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