How scary is this game?

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I'm undecided whether or not to play this game. I've heard so many things about it but taken aback because I still need an idea if I can manage to finish it. Some horror games that I finished already are Resident Evil 4 and 5, Dead Space 1 and 2 Bioshock 1 and 2 and The Ghost Mansion in VtMB. So can I handle this game?

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The main hurdle you'll encounter will be getting the game to run on a modern machine.

Once you do though, you'll have a blast. The enemy design is super interesting and creepy, and you'll certainly be able see the DNA of this game present in Bioshock.

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I assume you haven't played System Shock either, I recommend it.

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He didn't ask about its quality, he's asking if it's really scary or not.

To that end, it doesn't seem any scarier than Dead Space was but I've personally never played beyond the tutorial. As for getting it to run on a modern machine, I don't remember finding it that hard. It only took me half an hour and I remember finding the resources easily and the instructions were pretty clear. You'll need to do that and then go through the gargantuan controls list to remap everything, which is what stopped me dead in my tracks from playing.

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