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Bioshock, bah! 0

I must confess that I only played through System Shock 2, released way back in 1999, for the first time just last week. While this could be considered sacrilege by other hard core PC gamers like myself, back then I was dirt poor university student who could only afford the occasional title, and a First Person Shooter (FPS) / Role Playing Game (RPG) hybrid didn't really appeal to me. Not to mention I was still deeply addicted to Starcraft which was released the year before. Of course I'm kicking ...

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System Shock 2 0

Whoa....I've just finished System Shock 2 and can easily call it one of the greatest games of all time,so Whoa....Anyway let me lay out the general gist of SS2, basically you play as a unnamed soldier on a (too) simple mission to escort another ship named the Von Braun...and then you wake up out of a cyro-sleep and everyone is either dead or a mutant.i won't go any further about the plot because its really good and you Really should play this game.One of the few flaws in the game is its graphics...

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Cult classic 0

System Shock 2 goes down as one of my favorite games of all time. An experience, at the time, that i had never had before and one of the scariest games i had ever played.In System Shock 2 you play a survivor in a massive ship that once housed a small civilization until a mysterious infection starts to take over it's inhabitants. Though your escape you run into zombie like baddies. Armed, at first, with only a wrench you can be prepard to have yer ass handed to you very quickly by the first baddy...

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System Shock 2 is the most atmospheric game ive ever played 0

Masterpiece is the first word that comes out of my mouth when i talk about it. The whole aspect of the game is just mind-blowing. System Shock 2 is an extreme inspiration to Bioshock(if your wondering), so if you love Bioshock, then you'll love this 1999 Game of the Year, in my opinion. Almost every thing in the game is the same idea in Bioshock.  Gameplay------ Superb, from the combat to the amazing upgrading system. Theres so many different ways to upgrade that that alone is THE reason to come...

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Truly a Timeless Classic! 0

As someone who never experienced System Shock 2 until its recent release on GOG I was quite excited. I absolutely loved BioShock when it came out in 2007 and people would always mention it was the spiritual successor to this game. I knew I was going to play a classic, still even with all the positive reception I had no idea how it would hold up today. After all this game was released in 1999 and couldn't possibly provide such an engrossing story and atmosphere on the same level as BioShock right...

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System Shock 2 0

System Shock 2 is an interesting game to review in 2013. When it first came out in 1999, it was met with a lot of praise from the gaming press, winning over a dozen awards, including several “Game of the Year” titles, and since then it has appeared on several “Greatest Games of All Time” lists. However despite the praise, not many people actually bought and played it.It feels like System Shock 2 has been granted a second chance though. The success Irrational Games has had with BioShock and BioSh...

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Not my kind of game 0

I played this classic to see what the fuss is about, and I must say it's one of those things that if you weren't there then you probably don't get it. This game is too complicated - some say this is its strength, I say this is its weakness. The inventory system is pretty complicated. You have to reload weapons with different ammo, make sure your weapons don't break down on you, and collect med needles, strength needles, among other things. The psychic powers add another dimension to the combat. ...

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