spankingaddict's System Shock 2 (PC) review

System Shock 2 is the most atmospheric game ive ever played

Masterpiece is the first word that comes out of my mouth when i talk about it. The whole aspect of the game is just mind-blowing. System Shock 2 is an extreme inspiration to Bioshock(if your wondering), so if you love Bioshock, then you'll love this 1999 Game of the Year, in my opinion. Almost every thing in the game is the same idea in Bioshock.
Gameplay------ Superb, from the combat to the amazing upgrading system. Theres so many different ways to upgrade that that alone is THE reason to come back for more.  9.5/10
Graphics and sound------ Great looking game except for the character's faces. Amazing spaceship detail and unreal level design. 9/10
Controls---- Nearly perfect for a decade old game. 10/10
Story----- Dialog thats out of this world ,literally, cause your in space ooooooooo. But seriously great told story because of the jaw dropping atmosphere. 10/10
Recommendation----- Anyone who likes an unbelievable experience HAS to HAS to beat it atleast twice.  10/10
 Overall 10/10 Seriously, its hard to write a review of this classic masterpiece, cause thers no words to describe how Outstanding it is with next to NO flaws. One of the greatest gaming experiences ever!!!!!!!!!!!! a horrible reviewer :)


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