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  Ukyo is a handsome warrior and an expert Iai swordsman, and uses the "drying pole" as his weapon. But he has a very frail body and his lungs are poised with a sickness. He suffers from the disease Tuberculosis (which is why he carries apples with him). He holds certain feelings towards Odagiri Kei. He searches for the perfect flower to give to her. He helped Haohmaru defeat Amakusa and was able to gain a flower during the battle. But the flower he gained wasn't the perfect flower. He hears about the perfect flower growing at the center of Makai. He heads to Makai to try to find this flower but was unable to obtain it. Eventually, Kei gets married to her fiance.


Ukyo blesses this marriage and prays that Kei would be happy. A few years later, Ukyo's sickness gets worse. He then meets a woman, Osaki, who also has the same sickness as him. Osaki also looks identical to Kei. This makes Ukyo want to at least save Osaki's life. He goes off to search for a cure to the sickness. After searching throughout Japan and Makai, he finds a cure that would save one person. He has Haohmaru give the cure to Osaki to save her.

Ukyo is based off of Sasaki Kojiro, the arch-rival of Miyamoto Musashi.

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