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The Tacitus is essentially a crystaline alien database, containing data about Tiberium and the Scrin. It has often been sought after by Kane, mainly due to his lust for knowledge about Tiberium for Kane's Ascension Prophecies. It has also been kept by GDI at some stages.

It fell into the hands of Kane during the Second Tiberium war, when Kane recovered it from an alien(presumably Scrin) spaceship. 

While it was originally thought that the Tacitus was created by the Scrin, when the Tacitus was in the hands of GDI they attempted to decrypt it. They discovered that it was in fact from a species that had a language similar to Scrin. 

The last thing we learned about the Tacitus was in Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath when Kane created a link between LEGION and the tacitus.

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