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Tactics Arena Online is a strategy game in which 2 players use a combination of 10 units each to try and win the field. This is accomplished either by annihilating all of your opponent's mobile forces, freezing all of their mobile forces, or having them surrender.


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The game is free to play, although there are 2 levels of membership and 2 different types of servers to play on. Members get access to better units, although some of them are available to free players as "drops" that occur at certain times of the day. Becoming a double member will open up even more units, although they aren't necessariliy stronger than the units available to lower leveled players. Free players have their names shown in gray, while members have their names shown in bright gold, thus coining the term "gray" when referring to free players and "gold" when referring to members of any type. The more populated and commercial server can be found at The commercial server offers lag free service, more active forums and customer support, but people who aren't members have their accounts deleted at the end of each month, while members must pay a $5 subscription fee per month in order to remain gold. The "Legends" server (found at was the original site for Tactics Arena Online and never deletes your account. Players who purchase membership also only pay a one time fee, and can play indefinitely. However, the Legends server is known for inconsistent performance issues, becoming especially laggy during some months of the year.

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