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Kaido inherited the Shibuya Daemons from his brother, after he was killed by the vampire Kudlak. Kaido and Mari are both on the hunt for Kudlak. Kaido reveals to "Hero" that he has a crush on Mari.

Kaido picked up COMP and he worked with Honda to collect and train demons to fight. During one of his training routine, he and Honda came across "Hero" and his group. Yuzu challenged Kaido to a match which he lost, and in a fit of rage, he summoned the demon king of wind Pazuzu through sheer force of will.

Also, after Keisuke summoned Yama, Yama judged one of the Shibuya Daemons. Kaido becomes infuriated and hunts down Yama.

Based on player choice, Kaido can be asked to help Mari fight Kudlak, thus sparing Keisuke's life. Kaido also forgives Keisuke and reasons that both Keisuke and him are rather similar in personality.

Later, Kaido joins forces with Naoya.

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