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The continent of Taelosia lies far west of Odus across the Abysmal Sea. Native to this continent are a race of tribal people known as the Nihil. For centuries, they went about their way of life peaceful and without influence from the rest of the world. Unluckily for the Nihil, Taelosia was the initial target for an invasion from another realm. Savage and brutal creatures of many types, called the Muramites, stormed through a portal in the name of Discord and planned on overtaking all of Norrath. It was during this time that the Wayfarers Brotherhood, who had recently discovered several lost dungeons throughout Norrath, discovered the continent.

When the Wayfarers Brotherhood, led by Morden Rasp, arrived, they were faced with hordes of grotesque creatures that roamed the lands. Wayfarers brave enough to scout the area found evidence of a more civilized people, the Nihil, that once lived there. It was quite clear that the Muramites had invaded the continent and all but exterminated those native to Taelosia. Rasp immediately realized that if they were not stopped here, the Muramites would soon spread to Odus or Antonica. The Wayfarers Brotherhood returned to Antonica and set up a camp near Jaggedpine Forest where they encouraged Norrath's best to travel with them to Taelosia in order to investigate and eliminate the Muramite threat.


Travel to Taelosia was made possible by the Wayfarers Brotherhood's ships that departed from Nedaria's Landing, which was located on the northwestern shores of Antonica. Before setting foot on land, adventurers boarded the Wayfarers' flagship vessel, The Queen of Thorns. The ship served as a city or home base for adventurers on the continent. Many quests originated from the ship, and all the amenities were available here including supplies, class trainers, and bank. Eventually, Norrath's greatest adventurers were successful in stopping the invasion by defeating the assumed leader of the Muramites, Tunat'Muram Cuu Vauax. Unfortunately, the true leader resided in a completely different realm called Kuua. Of course, the Wayfarers Brotherhood led a counter-attack to end the threat to Norrath once and for all.



  • Abysmal Sea (Queen of Storms)


  • Barindu, the Hanging Gardens
  • Kod'Taz, the Broken Trial Grounds
  • Natimbi, the Broken Shores
  • Qinimi, the Court of Nihilia
  • Qvic, the Prayer Grounds of Calling
  • Riwwi, the Coliseum of Games
  • Tipt, the Treacherous Crags
  • Vxed, the Crumbling Caverns
  • Yxtta, the Pulpit of Exiles


  • Ferubi, the Forgotten Temple of Taelosia
  • Ikkinz, the Chambers of Destruction
  • Inktu`Ta, the Unmasked Chapel
  • Sewers of Nihilia
  • Tacvi, the Seat of the Slaver
  • Txevu, the Lair of the Elite
  • Uqua, the Ocean God Chantry

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