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Tag: The Power of Paint is a puzzle game for PC; it was created by a team of students from the DigiPen Institute of Technology in 2007/8. It received the Best Student Game award at the Independent Games Festival in 2009; as well as this, Tag prompted Valve to hire the students to work on the game, Portal 2. DigiPen is also responsible for the students turned alumni behind the original Portal.


The premiss of the game is simple, solve the puzzles and reach the goal. The setting of this adventure in color is a grey scale urban landscape of buildings, wire fences and (of course) the handily placed construction platforms. With this gun the player can paint the landscape with different colored paints. Each Color of paint is imbued with a different attribute; red accelerates the player's speed, green bounces the player upwards, blue allows players to stick to surfaces.

All of this is accompanied by the sound of the quirky original soundtrack produced by the student team also which adds to the isolated but exciting free running adventure. All of these things are seamlessly held together with beautiful coding and paint design.


The Gel based repulsion and propulsion systems seen within Valve's newest game are a direct descendant of this game's concepts. This game is a definite must to Portal2 fans who have yet to experience enough puzzler, physics action. It is a classic with its new-found recognition being a definite acceptance of of its worth.

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