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Taiga Fujimura is the grand daughter of a local Yakuza boss. She is the English teacher at Shirou's school, and is also his homeroom teacher and the supervisor of the archery club. Taiga is hyperactive and cheerful but is rather clumsy. She is also prone to arriving late for class. Taiga has the nickname "Tiger" because it sounds very similar to her first name. She dislikes being called by her nickname, but seems to act like one anyway.

Taiga is Shirou's neighbor and she took him under her care after the passing of Kiritsugu. She had been acquainted with Kiritsugu for a long time and she knew Shirou since he was young. She visits his home daily to enjoy the wonderful meals that Shirou and Sakura prepares. Taiga is also exceptionally skilled at kendo and owns her own shinai that she names Tora-Shinai (translates to Tiger Shinai).

Taiga also co-hosts the Tiger Dojo with Illyasviel, the hint corner of the Fate/Stay Night visual novel.

Fate/Stay Night

After Shirou summoned Saber, he decided to introduce her to Taiga and Sakura as a distant relative of Kiritsugu's. Taiga was initially worried about Shirou living alone under the same roof as a girl but Shirou insisted that he will not try anything. She decided to move in with Shirou to be sure. Taiga couldn't befriend Saber too easily due to her stoic disposition but she managed to warm up to Saber eventually.

Later when Rin moved in with Shirou, Taiga became even more agitated to see a model student move in with a guy. Rin managed to outwit her and Taiga was sad to concede defeat.


Shirou wanted Taiga to not get involved in the Holy Grail War and tried to convince her to not visit his home for the duration of the war. Taiga was initially worried about relinquishing her role as Shirou's guardian but Shirou explained that Saber will take over that role. Taiga then challenge Saber to a kendo duel and Saber easily defeated her. Taiga recognized Saber's skill and surrendered her role.

Unlimited Blade Works

Caster holding Taiga hostage

After Shirou, Rin, and Saber returned from their date, they discovered Taiga being held hostage by Caster. Caster demanded Shirou's Command Spells but he refused. Saber took the opportunity to attack but Caster stabbed Saber with her Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker, breaking her contract as Shirou's Servant. Caster then took Saber as her Servant.

Taiga was unconscious during the ordeal and had no memory of it.

Heaven's Feel

After Kuzuki was killed by the black shadow, Taiga took a portion of his work. She became too busy to visit Shirou's home.



Taiga has achieved black belt level in kendo. She could easily overwhelm Shirou with her skill.

On the other hand, Saber could easily defeat Taiga.




Taiga's preferred shinai.

The invention of the first shinai was credited to Kamiizumi Nobutsuna to be used in sword matches in place of real swords to avoid injuries.

Taiga attached a tiger strap on it, which is considered bad manners and she was not allowed to compete in kendo tournaments.

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