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A Fun Sonic Spinoff

This game was great! Not only as a spinoff but as a Game Gear game it was just fun! The levels are done well with little-to-no hiccups at all as far as glitching in the landscape or anything like that. The music was upbeat and fit well into overall feeling of the game. Enemies varied and kept the gameplay different without making it seem too repetitive. The game's weapons also added to this and by being able to swap them around and fit whatever the situation need be. Being a Game Gear game it's hard to give a game like this a review without having played it for yourself. The two things I will give this game above all others are: (1) Being able to take the role of everyone's favorite two-tailed fox and really fleshing out his character was awesome and (2) the pure fact that most spinoffs are just horrendous but this was not the case with -this- game.

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