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The Tails Doll is a hidden character in Sonic R. It is a wide-eyed plush toy version of Tails created by Dr. Robotnik. It has limited movement and animation, as befitting of a plush toy.

Its official biography on the Sonic Channel website reads:

As a last resort, Eggman manufactured this to catch Sonic unprepared. This, except for the power plant embedded in its head, is a mere stuffed animal, whose meager form nevertheless exhibits considerable ability in races due to its lightweight design. Still, it is also able to float in the air for a long time.

The Tails Doll is the slowest character in the game and has exceptionally poor handling. Like the other nefarious copies of other characters (such as Metal Sonic), it is able to glide over water. It also has the ability to float bizarrely in the air, giving it much better hangtime than even Tails.

Tails Doll appears on a collectable card in Sonic Rivals and in the Japanese app-game Sonic Tweet.

Tails Doll exhibits an appearance that many find unsettling. This gave rise to a series of creepy stories on the internet that claim the character itself is cursed, causing the game to exhibit bizarre tendencies or even haunting players in the real world. This idea came back around to official Sonic media in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, where the doll was a destructive force nicknamed "Project: Deadly Cuddles" and was set up to be a major antagonist before the then-current writer left the book.

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