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This franchise was developed in cooperation with Nickelodeon, which was fairly odd since the project created an entirely new IP instead of turning an existing property into a video game.


There is a prophecy that speaks of a Legendary Warrior, and it says that he would restore the Moon Juju, defeat Tlaloc and bring peace to the Pupanunu people. Tak and Lok are both apprentices of Jibolba, Tak being the younger of the two, but after Lok is turned into a sheep, it's Tak's turn to take the quest of restoring his friend to his human form. Tak's mentor Jibolba sends him off to find the Spirit Rattle, which will channel the Juju spirits to assist Tak on his journey. Tak was guided by Flora, a daughter of the Moon Juju. He was also tasked to find 9 Magical Nubu Plants When Tak returns with the Spirit Rattle and Plants, he learns that Lok has been killed by a herd of sheep, and that he must now find some way to resurrect him. Unfortunately, Tak unintentionally resurrected Lok's squire, Tobar. He must do this by collecting 100 Yorbels and Lok's spirit from the spirit world. Once Lok is revived he's plagued with diarrhea or resurrection's revenge, and Tak is sent off to recover the 3 Moon Stones while Lok recovers from his ailment. It's these Moon Stones that will restore the Moon Juju to full strength. After collecting all 3 of the Moon Stones, the Moon Juju is finally restored to her former strength and it is revealed that Lok isn't the warrior from the prophecy as was originally thought. It turns out that Tak fits the profile better since he has restored the Moon Juju. Now that he's outfitted with an arsenal of Juju spells that he collected along his journey, all that remains is for him to defeat Tlaloc. He does this by turning the villain into a sheep, naturally. Tlaloc is now defeated and the rams like him.

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