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Takafumi is the younger brother of Tomoyo. He is 2 years younger than Tomoyo. Takafumi has a talent for running but he later became a computer programmer. He is fluent in English and he communicates with English-speaking people from around the world through the internet.

Middle School

2 years ago, Kanako's father, the coach of their school's track team, recognized that Takafumi was depressed. He invited Takafumi to join the track team. Takafumi was grateful to Kanako's father for giving him meaning to life.

Takafumi, Kanako, and the track team

The members of the track team were rather poor at running, but Takafumi discovered that he is a fast runner. He started enjoying his school life and he also started studying hard. One day, Kanako started mixing with the track team. The track team members liked Kanako but she explained that she had already liked someone.

The team members suspected that she liked Takafumi and pushed him to confess his feelings to Kanako. She accepted it but her father didn't agree. Takafumi then promised to win the national championship for his approval and he agreed.

That Spring, Tomoyo's and Takafumi's parents underwent a divorce. Takafumi took it upon himself to risk his life to fix their familial relationship. He threw himself into oncoming traffic and lost his legs. Takafumi's family was devastated by his sacrifice and became closer. He was happy that they could achieve his goal. At the hospital, Tomoyo brought Takafumi to view the cherry blossoms.

On the other hand, Kanako's father was furious about Takafumi's action and he became angry at him and he does not approve of his relationship with Kanako. Kanako's father passed away 3 months later. Takafumi started having nightmares about running but never being able to satisfy Kanako's father. Takafumi had confided in Tomoyo about his nightmares but she couldn't help him. He also developed a strong negative emotional association for Kanako as a result of his experience.


Tomoyo's path

Takafumi had recovered and was entering his first year of high school while Tomoyo was entering her third year. Takafumi was friendly with Tomoya and he enjoyed the blooming cherry blossoms.

Tomoyo After: It's a Wonderful Life

Throughout the first week, Takafumi accidentally witnessed Tomoya's and Tomoyo's intimate relationship. Takafumi noted that Tomoyo never acted feminine at home.

On July 7, Takafumi brought Tomo to Tomoya's apartment. Takafumi explained that she was his father's illegitimate daughter. He begged Tomoya and Tomoyo to keep her secret from their mother because her relationship with their father was strained once before and they are about to celebrate their anniversary. Tomo explained that she was sent to meet her father. Takafumi suggested that Tomoya pretend to be her father. The next day, Tomoya requested Takafumi to file a missing person report for Tomo's mother Mishima.

2 days later, Takafumi convinced Tomoyo to install a computer at Tomoya's apartment. He explained that she could use it to help people over the internet. Takafumi taught Tomoyo to use the computer and to chat with people online. 2 days later, Takafumi visited Tomoya and discovered Kanako. He revealed that he had broken up with her and demanded that she leaves. Takafumi explained that he had been with her since junior high and he didn't like her.

The next day, Takafumi explained that he was writing an OS with people he met on the internet from all over the world. The following day, Takafumi tried to explain programming to Tomoya, but he couldn't understand. That night, Tomoya revealed to Takafumi that he was fighting delinquents and requested him to keep it secret from Tomoyo.

On July 21, Tomoya challenged Takafumi with the condition that the loser will have to do what the winner says. Tomoya intended to use the challenge as a guise to make Takafumi talk about his past. Takafumi suggested typing and Tomoya stood no chance because he had never used a computer before. 3 days later, Takafumi suspected that Tomoya will keep trying until he won, so he insisted that Tomoya only had one last chance. 2 days later, Tomoya managed to win by 3 points.

The next day, Tomoya ordered Takafumi to follow him for a day of work. Tomoya then asked about Takafumi's past and he explained everything. Takafumi requested Tomoya to keep it secret from Tomoyo. The next day, Tomoyo suggested that Takafumi join the upcoming marathon and he suspected that Tomoya had told her. Takafumi trained for the next 2 days. He hasn't ran since he was discharged from hospital but he still had decent stamina.

Kanako forgives Takafumi

That Sunday, Takafumi entered the marathon race. His stamina couldn't last all 10 kilometers and he attained 31st place. Takafumi saw the coach in his vision. He explained that although he couldn't win, he enjoyed his time with the track team and that he loved Kanako.

Kanako forgave him and explained that he doesn't need to meet other people's expectations and to not fear his nightmares. They made up and visited Kanako's mother. 2 days later, they returned and visited Tomoya. Kanako reported that her step-father was exactly like Takafumi.

3 days later, Tomoya, Tomoyo, and Tomo met Mishima. In the next 4 days, Takafumi helped Tomoya discover Mishima's location by using the internet and deduction. Tomoya, Tomoyo, and Kanako then left to visit Mishima. Takafumi stayed behind with Tomo at Tomoya's apartment.

On August 17, Tomoya phoned Takafumi explaining that Mishima will be seeing Tomo. 5 days later, Tomoya reported to Takafumi that they are ready. Takafumi and Tomo went to visit the village the next morning. Tomoya and Kanako welcomed Takafumi and Tomo.


Takafumi and Kanako graduated and they furthered their studies to university. Takafumi then became a teacher and coach for the track team. Kanako lived with him and supported him.

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