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Take On Mars is a simulation in which you control various remotely operated vehicles on the surface of Mars to accomplish scientific goals.


Missions are selected from a map in mission control or using the in built editor.

Rovers are chosen from a list of pre-built ones or designed from the ground up using parts that are unlocked through mission progress. You have a career wide budget, with various goals in each mission paying for completion, that has to be used to buy rovers and unlock new landing sites.

Depending on the chassis selected for the mission, the rover may or may not be mobile. Different scientific tools are available and are required for various tasks. The number of tools allowed is limited by the chassis design of the rover.

At the beginning of a career you are given the choice between playing in 'Game Time' or 'Real Time.' Game time allows for fast forwarding of time so that your missions only ever play out during Martian day time. Real time means that the mission clock is based on the actual time both on Earth and Mars.


Take On Mars was released as an Early Access game on the 1st of August 2013

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