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Tala's character design

The young shaman
Tala, whose name means "Stalking Wolf," was born to an ancient line of Native American shamans. From a young age, Tala's innate ability to communicate with the spirits made her a misfit and an outcast from her own tribe. With her father murdered by treacherous fur traders, and her seer of a mother sent to die in a storm by her fearful tribe, Tala developed an intense distrust of others -- not only for the white man, but also for those of her own tribe. 

Captured and abused by the same traders who killed her father, Tala seemed doomed to meet an early end until an attack by vampires brought the traders' trail to a merciless end. Left for dead, Tala was rescued by Darkwatch Regulators on the trail of the vampire clan. The Darkwatch made Tala one of their own, but never suspected the truth -- that Tala had resolved never to be powerless again, and that she'd use any means necessary to gain revenge on a world that had murdered her family.

In the game

Tala in Darkwatch uniform
As a member of the Darkwatch society in the wild west, she worked to combat the threats posed by vampires and the undead. She quickly rose within the organization to the rank of Regulator and was known to dress quite provocatively. After the death of Cassidy Sharp, the leader of the vampire hunter society assigned Tala as Jericho Cross's new partner.

Jericho's seduction
Though she participated and aided him in quite a few missions, it became quite apparent that she had ambitions of power. She would seduce Jericho Cross and the two would have sex at which point she tempted the cursed half-vampire into biting her thus transforming her into a creature like himself. After this happened, she betrayed the Darkwatch and allowed Lazarus Malkoth's minions to invade the Citadel. Once Lazarus was defeated by Jericho Cross, Tala arrived in order to take the vampire lord's power. A portal opens into a chamber once held by Lazarus as part of a ceremony in order to gain ultimate power.

 Vampiric Tala

Good Ending

She attempts to seduce Jericho into joining her side but he rejects her. Despite her attempts at converting Jericho, he was not swayed due to the spirit of Cassidy. This causes Tala to get angry and she transforms into a winged demon and attacks Jericho though she is ultimately defeated. Falling to the ground and mortally wounded, she tells Jericho in her dying breath that she would have loved him always.

Bad Ending

With Lazarus defeated, Tala enticed Jericho to join her to which he agreed and a portal opened to the ancient chamber once more. Once there, the spirit of Cassidy refused to let Jericho turn to darkness and becomes a flying angelic being that battle the vampires. Together, however, they manage to kill Cassidy and Tala rejoices stating that now the world was theres. At which point, she embraces him in a passionate kiss, however, events turn violent as Jericho's dark nature does not wish to share any power and he devours her.

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