Trophy Issue

#1 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

Ok, this is kinda strange. While there are trophies available on the games page,, my achievement page tells me there are no trophies available:

That's probably because I'm playing the european version, but shouldn't someone add those trophies to Giantbomb too, if they're obviously not added automatically?

There is a similar issue with Legasista, which has actually 21 trophies that aren't known to Giantbomb:

I know this isn't a huge issue or something, but it kinda bothers me because it lowers my achievement statistics here :P

Does anyone know someone from the staff who has the ability to add trophies manually?

#2 Posted by Epidehl (377 posts) -

I've noticed no trophies for a couple of other games too, notably Rock Band: Blitz, Darksiders 2 and War for Cybertron. And while Ratchet & Clank HD has trophies listed, it's not showing the ones I've gotten. Not sure what's going on there.

#3 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

@Epidehl: Yeah, someone from the staff should fix this...

#4 Posted by MetalBaofu (1459 posts) -

I had a similar problem with trophies for Doctor Who back when it came out. I made this thread about it in the bug reporting forum, and a few days later they were working. However, I have no idea if it fixed itself or if someone on the staff fixed it. All I can say about Tales of Graces is that I had no problem with the US version updating on here when I played it, so your assumption about it being a problem with the EU version might be right.

#5 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

@MetalBaofu: I did one in the Bug Reporting forum as well but no reaction from staff yet.

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