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Unrealized Potential 0

For every Tales of Vesperia or Xillia, it seems there must be a Graces or an Abyss. They have something of an awkward feel to them, as though they're layovers for the Tales team while they prepare to fly towards some greater destination. On almost every level, these games are their brothers' shadows, built more to meet some sort of strange Tales quota than to actually push the series forward.It's not that Graces is a particularly odorous game. It does a decent enough job of hitting enough tra...

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Tales of Graces F makes a return to form for the genre on PS3 0

It can be hard being a Japanese RPG fan and living in the UK. There have been times when I wanted to play a new JRPG, but region locking or lack of translation often stopped me or delayed my chance to play the game for months, even years. Releases have become better during this generation, but there are still improvements to be made. Take the Tales series for example. The last release that was not a port was the wonderful Tales of Vesperia on the Xbox 360, which came out in 2008. It’s now 2012, ...

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My Thoughts on Tales of Graces f 0

It’s been far too long for a proper Tales game to come out here in North America. The last big one was Tales of Vesperia back in 2008 and after sinking almost 200 hours into that one I was looking forward to Graces very much. Long story short: it was worth the wait.GameplayThere is so much to say about the gameplay in this Tales game so I guess I’ll just start off with the combat system. You have your A Artes and your B Artes. A artes have a combo tree that you can work your way up with each mov...

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