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Tales of Legendia is by the books as an RPG can get. 0

I'm a big fan of the early Tales of games like Phantasia and Destiny, so I was expecting something on par with those. I kinda got that I guess, the battle system was atleast close to par (where's my Tempest attacks?), but the story didn't "grab" me like the other Tales of games I've played. The biggest flaw in the game is the weak weak weak weak dungeons, luckily they're short, otherwise my mind would of dried up from the boredom. Another thing that annoyed me was the overly cutesy stuff, I like...

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Tales of Legendia offers an interesting story, but the experience is hindered by bad design choices and cliches. 0

I love the Tales series, and Tales of Legendia is easily my least favorite. This game came after Tales of Symphonia, and this was a HUGE step back for the franchise. Luckily, Tales of the Abyss later got the series back on track, but that doesn't change just how painful Tales of Legendia is to play. Between the annoying, cliche characters and the monotonous gameplay, this game falls short of its potential.Tales of Legendia is sort of a throwback to the earlier Tales games in that the camera kind...

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