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More of the same pirate comedy action! 0

I had played the second chapter of Tales of Monkey Island a while ago, but I haven't had the chance to review it. Now, with the third chapter coming out I figured I'd review the second one before it's too late. Once again, I'm playing the PC version.The second chapter picks up directly where the first one left off, which is good since the first game had a giant cliffhanger. It's nice to have an immediate answer to the question at the end of the first episode. We get introduced to some new chara...

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Good but Repitition is rearing its head again!! 0

 Tales Of Monkey Island Episode 2: The Siege Of Spinner Cay is as the title suggests the second in a series of five Monkey Island games released by the masters of episodic gaming Telltale Games(Sam and Max season one and two).Their sucessful relaunch of Sam and Max led them to relaunch Monkey Island in episodic format. The first game Launch Of The Screaming Narwhal was an excellent opening episode being quick witted,beautiful and effortlessly charming.Following immediately after the cliffhanger ...

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626 Words of Pleasure 0

In this review there will be two SPOILERs.   The first is: Yo, Guybrush gets him a Hook Hand.   This is not much of a spoiler since it is one of the first things to happen, but there you go (the other spoiler is hidden as are several of the objects in this game).   Hopefully in future episodes the protagonist will get a peg leg and make a joke about only being able to count to twelve.   As this is an Adventure game, it comes down to four basic elements: graphics, sounds, writing, puzzles.  ...

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Previously on Monkey Island... 0

Thanks to its episodic nature, Tales of Monkey Island has a bit more narrative drive than if the entire story were available to you in one game like the previous ones. That also means though that each chapter can be more reviewed critically than part of a larger whole which makes it slightly easier to criticize. Whereas chapter one was all about getting our hero his own ship and getting back to Elaine, chapter 2 feels more setup than anything, almost side-story and you get the feeling this one i...

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Tales of Monkey Island: The Siege of Spinner Cay 0

 Overall, I really can't say that the second chapter of this series was as strong as the first. It's possible that the first chapter was just extra beefy to introduce the whole plot, but Spinner Cay felt insubstantial in comparison. I don't mean just in length, because the first was actually a bit long in the tooth, but in having a fulfilling arc to the story and gameplay. It didn't have the real three act structure I've come to expect, and it's not like the puzzles that were there made u...

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