Giant Bomb Moderators Give Away: Monkey Island Complete Pack!

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#51 Posted by StarFoxA (5163 posts) -

Oh, I think I'm eligible for 4/5 of those criteria. Sign me up!

#52 Posted by B0nd07 (1701 posts) -

Consider me signed up.

@RWL_MU_OSU said:

Not entering, but this post made me wonder when I officially joined the Giantbomb community. Where do you find your join date?

On your (or anyone else's) profile, click the "Read more about me" link. The join date is in the stats section.

#53 Posted by Sparklykiss (1983 posts) -
#54 Posted by Nux (2420 posts) -

I too would like to enter.

#55 Posted by Bigbombomb (677 posts) -

I thought I wasn't going to be eligible! Well, I am and I'm entering.

#56 Posted by ShaggE (6698 posts) -

Entering with gusto.

#57 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3683 posts) -

I will join the fray. Enter me.

#58 Posted by Aus_azn (2224 posts) -

Count me in under the over 500 posts qualification.

#59 Posted by SgtGrumbles (1024 posts) -

I would like these things.

#60 Posted by KingBroly (1645 posts) -

I will enter if I'm eligible.

#61 Posted by Jeffsekai (7052 posts) -

I want to enter

#62 Edited by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

I might as well throw my hat into the ring. *starts to do so* Wait a minute...nice try. You won't get my crown that easily. Still, I do want those games.
Wait, can I run these games? Do they work well on crap computers?

#63 Posted by MB (13092 posts) -

Entries are no longer being accepted, I'm going to get working on validating everyone's entries and will post a winner tonight at some point.

#64 Posted by benpicko (2005 posts) -

Oh cool. I'll enter!

#65 Posted by Seedofpower (3949 posts) -

I'm I too late?

#66 Posted by cap123 (2477 posts) -

Yes please!

#67 Posted by MB (13092 posts) -
@C_Rakestraw said:
Count me in. Always wanted to check out the Monkey Island series.
Congratulations, you win! Send me a PM with your Steam email and I'll get the pack sent right over to you.  
Benpicko and Seedofpower were both too late, you guys came in about half an hour after the deadline. Sorry dudes!
#68 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7184 posts) -

@C_Rakestraw: Congrats.

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