Deluxe edition for $20!

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Hey you, ever played Tales of Monkey Island? Well even if you have and were a big fan, check this out! Here is what it is - 
  Aye, 'tis a mighty package for a mighty pirate! The swashbuckingly specialTales of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition features a trove of pirate goodies:

Tales of Monkey Island Collector's DVD which includes the full season game, plus bonus extras 
- Slipcover case art from Monkey Island art legend Steve Purcell -- if you missed out at pre-order time
- Exclusive Voodoo card, not found in the Voodoo Card Set (available separately)
- One of Reginald Van Winslow's favorite maps: The Gulf of Melange printed on cotton fabric
- Piratey Piece of Eight - metal collectible coin
- Coaster from the notorious Club 41 
- Souvenir button from the Trial of the Century (2.25 inches diameter)
Even if you have played it, but adored it (i'm looking at you, @WinterSnowblind:) I think this would still be a great buy!

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