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ToS: DATNW: A Good RPG for a system that lacks them. 0

I was riding high on the wings of Tales of Vesperia back in the summer. An exception RPG on the 360.  I had heard about this game, but never seen it in my local stores, in fact did not even know it was out until February. So when I found it at my Best Buy I snagged it. $40 brand new for an RPG. I was a little nervous, this game had no hype, no advertising, and I was buying it at a discount price. Lets just say I was very surprised. I may have never given this game a chance if my 360 was not in T...

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ToS:DotNW- A worthy Tales game to hold you before Tales of Graces 0

 I have played many of the Tales games but this game is not as great as the mothership titles but a good game. The battle system is the DSLMBS (Dimension Stride Linear Motion Battle System) and has the Elemental Grid as a new battle concept which is the key to recruiting monsters. You can recruit up to 200 monsters and is okay for a first try. if improved, I would like to see the monster system again. The game takes place 2 years after the original. Everything is in turmoil and there is a war be...

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A Decent Tale, But Not All That It Could Have Been 0

As a spinoff to one of the Gamecube's most revered RPGs, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World had a lot to live up to.  The Gamecube Tales of Symphonia is considered a classic because of its real-time fighting system, excellent character dialogue, great soundtrack, and its story full of real-world issues combined with aspects of Norse mythology.  Dawn of the New World continues this legacy in many respects, but unfortunately, it falls short in a few key areas.  Before going into the details...

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Dawn of the New World was a worthy follow up to a classic game. 0

Ok, let me get this out of the way.  I've been addicted to Action RPGs since the original Zelda was released and was a huge fan of the Tales of series since Tales of Destiny was released.  I played a ton, and I mean a TON of RPG's last gen.   Tales of Symphonia just happens to be my favorite RPG of last gen.  Sure, it's cliche, but the overall package was amazing.  It's hard to explain, but you can't relive that experience.That's why I wanted to love Tales of Symphonia, and at the same time I wa...

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From someone that didn't play the original Tale Of Symphonia 0

To begin please gently criticize my English, as it is my third speaking language. Like my title says. The last console I ever own was the N64, just recently I bought a Wii and bought this game by accident. It was really random and When I started to play i immediately noticed that for sure there was a prequel to this game. So by playing this game it really started to get addicting by pacting with monster and evolving them having the sense of achievement when your new evolved monster start to beat...

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Dawn of the New World takes saying "sorry" to new levels 0

The GameCube never really had that much of a selection when it came to RPGs. There were a few, but nowhere near the amount the Playstation 2 was getting. When Namco announced that their next major entry in the Tales series was coming to GameCube, owners of Nintendo’s console were ecstatic, which included me. I am a huge role-playing game fan, and using my acquired freeloader I imported Tales of Symphonia as soon as it hit American shores in July 2004.Tales of Symphonia was regarded as THE GameCu...

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Worst tales games 0

Rewind back to 2003, Tales of Synphonia was released on the GameCube and was haled as one of the best games on the Cube. Thanks to its sharp graphics, Revolutionary and Unique Combat system, Good story, and intresting characters. Now 5 years later, the sequel hits the Wii, and boy does it do the opposite of what made the orginal good. The story takes place 2 years after the events the 1 game. You play as Emil, one of the worst characters out there. He’s whiny, spinless, and overall, he’s gamings...

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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Review 0

Dawn of the New World is the next chapter in the game, Tales of Symphonia. After Colette successfully re-merges the two worlds, peace arrives, but it doesn't last long. Two different civilizations are reunited and hate starts to brew. Different organizations start to form to try to control the world's new destiny. As the story opens up you witness the hero in the first game massacre a town, which includes the new main character's parents. Fast Forward 6 months and you find the main character, Em...

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