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Tales of Symphonia (GCN) Review 0

The world of Sylvarant is dying. Its mana supply is running low, and the goddess Martel is in a deep slumber. The only one who can restore the land back to its splendor is the Chosen One, who must embark on The Journey of World Regeneration. This generation’s Chosen is a young girl named Colette Brunel. Can she save the world from chaos, or will all of its citizens witness it crumble before their eyes? You play as Lloyd Irving, an orphan who is a friend of Colette and lives in the same town as ...

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One of the best RPGs of all time 0

It starts at the town Isela you start as Lloyd he is the friend of the Chosen of Mana, Colette. She must go on a  journey to regenerate the world and seal away the Desians , the evil monsters.   With good gameplay and an even better battle system and a really engaged story line this is possibly one of  the best RPGs of all time if you ask me it is the best game I have ever played in my life.If you like a good RPG and a story driven game this is the game for you.             ...

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Holy to the Crap 0

Okay lets just get straight down to business.This game just plain straight up kicks for my review:I first saw this game in a game crazy store for the price of $14 i wasnt so sure about it at first but then i decided to get it. right when i got home i put it in my gamecube (now its a wii) and i watched the intro and was immediately hooked. when i saw the 2 discs inside of the case i knew this was going to be long and good. at the beginning there wasnt much to it at first but i still thoug...

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One of the Best...Tales 0

A great game if you like Action - JRPG with a Good story from the beginning to the end.It´s a litlle button smasher, but is simple,effective and very addictive because  you what to discover all the combos with the other characters. But isn´t all good news, because if you chose a caracther like Rain, it can be very frustating sometimes, because is all magic and waiting and waiting and recover, its a little frustating. Because of that you will want to be main character Loyd. They have many and var...

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Tales of Symphonia is the best last gen RPG I've played so far 0

Note: this was one of my first reviews and I agree it's pretty horrible, I wrote this a few years ago, so I'll leave it unedited for now.  I still love Tales of Symphonia, and I still can't think of a better last gen game than this.I had trouble getting into Tales of Symphonia at first. It was a little slow moving and it picked up the speed really quick. There’s a ton of depth to the game, a lot of sidequests, great memorable characters. The battle system, sound, graphics, world map are all exce...

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An entertaining but slightly easy game 0

I had a lot of fun with Tales of Symphonia. It's a very very long rpg, in fact it's the longest Japanese RPG i've played since Xenogears. It's also very fast paced and dynamic, using the typical Tales battle system which feels more like a fighting game than an RPG. The only real problem with the gameplay is that the game is a a tad bit too easy, especially compared to the previous Tales games I played, namely Tales of Phantasia (which Tales of Symphonia is a prequel to) and Tales of Destiny II....

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Combat is fast and furious, and it never lets up. 0

Namco’s Tales series is probably one of the better-known RPG series that isn’t Final Fantasy. Most players would assume that popular RPG series naturally go to the PS2. It must have been a surprise, then, to learn that Tales of Symphonia went to the GameCube instead (a PS2 version is apparently on the way). This is a very good thing, because the GC does not have a balanced library; you could count the number of GC RPGs on one hand. If you’re tired of looking for Skies of Arcadia Legends, then gi...

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