choopmaster's Tales of Symphonia (Player's Choice) (GameCube) review

Holy to the Crap

Okay lets just get straight down to business.

This game just plain straight up kicks ass.

now for my review:
I first saw this game in a game crazy store for the price of $14 i wasnt so sure about it at first but then i decided to get it. right when i got home i put it in my gamecube (now its a wii) and i watched the intro and was immediately hooked. when i saw the 2 discs inside of the case i knew this was going to be long and good. at the beginning there wasnt much to it at first but i still thought it  was awesome. everywere there was beautiful graphics, especially for a game cube game.

that covers the awesome graphics, now to the storyline:

Okay, so your this boy named Loyd and you have a friend named Genis you start the adventure by saving this old woman from a slave camp, little do they know its for something else. but the story is way too long to tell, so ill shorten it. you (Loyd) pick up many friends along your journey to take a girl named Colette to become an angel on the way you face many challenges and puzzles, but when its finally time its a hoax!!!!!. then you have to fight for survival in a new world and save colette from becoming an angel and defefat the infamous Lord Ygdrasil, i wont give away his true identity because that would give away the surprise along with Kratos. Woops! ive told you too much.

Now for the combat: in the game its not your normal RPG its real time in battles and some can be more difficult than one could imagine, some are impossible, or at least it would take too long to  get to the desired level to defeat them, but those certain impossible bosses can be passed by losing but only some are like that.

well thats all folkes!


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