Not coming out on the PS3

#1 Posted by ErgoDemise (61 posts) -

Someone keeps re-editing that this is coming out on the ps3, this is not true or hasn't even been announced. if it is rumored to be coming out on the ps3, its just a rumor. it can be changed if it is ever officially announced.

#2 Posted by SonicFire (821 posts) -

Hmm, that would be unfortunate, but has Namco Bandai released anything for the PS3 yet?

#3 Posted by plainoldsam (18 posts) -
SonicFire said:
"Hmm, that would be unfortunate, but has Namco Bandai released anything for the PS3 yet?"
Not exclusively, to my knowledge. As for the platform slot, yeah, I tried to edit it before, but the moderation was just too slow. Looks like its off for now though.
#4 Posted by Systech (4078 posts) -

It will come eventually, I think.

#5 Posted by DarkBlyth (112 posts) -

Just Some Typical 360 Fanboy

#6 Posted by Axersia (1621 posts) -

The PS3 logo used to be on the official page, but was quickly removed and brushed off as a mistake. When the site initially opened, they also accidentally posted the Xbox 360 logo and quickly removed it, only to announce it properly a bit later.

I expect this to come to PS3 eventually, just like Eternal Sonata. But since Namco Bandai is denying it for now, I will remove the PS3 platform.

#7 Posted by pause422 (6241 posts) -

Soul Calibur IV is a namco/bandai game,on both systems. But they've corrected this yes,atm its coming out only on 360,but have stated a PS3 one is possible at a later time,but aren't working on it yet.

#8 Posted by KingBroly (1645 posts) -

When it came up in Bandai Namco's report originally, it said 360 and PS3.  It was later edited to just say 360.  They called it a mistake.  Same thing the ESRB had to do with Eternal Sonata.  So, you can pretty much rest assured it's coming to PS3 at some point.

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