Tales of Symphonia Manga Coming to the West

#1 Posted by Linkyshinks (11405 posts) -

The Tales of Symphonia manga has existed in Japan for quite some time now, as fans will know, but now it's finally being brought over to the west... in French  : /

This is positive news none the less, an English release in North America or Europe may happen in time, similarly to how The Legend of Zelda Manga recently saw English release.

The first volume will be available in France from March 12th.

#2 Posted by Icemael (6798 posts) -

They're bringing over MANGA based on a Tales game, but refuses to bring over the 3 Tales games for DS? And neither Symphonia 2 nor Vesperia have been released yet here in Europe(And Destiny, Legendia and Abyss will never be) - fuck Namco and their manga.

#3 Posted by LordAndrew (14588 posts) -
French? Dammit!
Oh well. A French release does make an English/North American release more likely.
#4 Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell (2120 posts) -

I hope they don't ruin the series. I don't want something awesome coming to America just to get worked over like Naruto.

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