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Mercy (Passive)Talon will deal additional damage with his auto attacks to champion under the influence of any crowd control effects.
CutthroatTalon leaps to selected enemy champion dealing damage and silencing them for short duration.
Noxian DiplomacyTalon stabs an enemy, dealing heavy damage and leaving a trail of blood that can be used to track them.
RakeTalon throws 3 blades in front of him that quickly return to him dealing damage in both directions. When hit, the enemy is slowed.
Shadow Assault (Ultimate)Talon goes invisible for a short duration and gains additional movement speed during this time. As this occurs, blades fan out in every direction, forming a circle around him, dealing damage to anyone they pass through. After a few seconds or when Talon auto-attacks/uses an ability his stealth ends and sends all the blades back to Talon's location, once again damaging anyone they pass through.

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