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Tama and Friends is a platformer published by Bandai for Nintendo's Famicom Disk System. It is based on a manga and anime for children of the same name that concerns the cats and dogs of a close-knit neighborhood. The anime was eventually licensed to 4Kids Entertainment and aired on a US cable channel.

The game has a subtitle: 3 Choume Daibouken. The "3 Choume" part refers to the district in which Tama and his friends live, while "Daibouken" simply means "great adventure".

As a game, Tama and Friends is very basic, and quite clearly meant for very young children. The goal is to simply walk right across a suburban environment while avoiding enemies like birds and random flying junk. Tama can also climb telegraph poles to help him get higher, which occasionally lead to bonus areas, and there are also bosses to be fought at the end of certain stages.

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