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National Pokedex No: #465 
Classification: Vine Pokémon
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll or Leaf Guard
Height: 6'07''
Weight: 283.5 lbs
None, evolve Tangela
Evolves at: n/a

Evolutionary Chain

Tangela (level up knowing Ancient Power) --> Tangrowth
Female Tangrowth can be differentiated from males by there fingers, females have them completely red and males only have the tips red. 

Pokedex Entry

Diamond/Pearl: It ensnares prey by extending arms made of vines. Losing arms to predators does not trouble it. 
Platinum: Its arms are made of plants that bind themselves to things. They grow back right away if cut. 
HeartGold: When it remains still, it appears to be a large shrub. Unsuspecting prey that wanders near get ensnared by its vines. 
SoulSilver: Its vines grow so profusely that, in the warm season, you can't even see its eyes.

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