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 Tank Dempsey
Tank Dempsey (Voiced by  Steve Blum) first appears in Shi No Numa along with Dr. Richtofen, Takeo, and Nikolai. He regards his companions with moderate contempt but his hatred for the Nazi Zombies is much more apparent. Tank seems to show a level of respect for Nikolai as well as Takeo but Richtofen receives no such grace. All American. All Hero.
His Character bio from Call Of Duty: World At War;
"Tank Dempsey: American hero. Hand him a loaded weapon, a good woman, and something to shoot at and he is happy. Enrage him and he will rip your guts out and use them as a bandolier.
Dempsey was selected for this mission after he showed his true grit at the battle for Peleliu. Remarkable though it may seem, his unit was captured during the early raids before the main invasion, and he spent 2 weeks in a rat infested bamboo cage submerged in malarial water. Well that did not stop The Tank. After he gnawed his way through the cage, he then gnawed his way through his captors armed only with a Bobby pin and his Medal of Honor which he keeps secreted in various body cavities.
Now you know there is no before the way for Dempsey, and there is no after. There is only the legend of Tank Dempsey, and how he will win the war for the rest of us."

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