This is the actual E3 game of show.

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  1. Wii U exclusive, therefore it is next generation and from the future.
  2. Tanks fighting giant three-headed mechanical dragons.
  3. Tanks fighting giant battleships that are secretly part octopus.
  4. Tanks fighting giant skyscraper robots made out of skyscrapers.
  5. Tank on tank violence, tank brother against tank brother in a desperate struggle in which there are no winners.

I don't know what else you people want from a video game, because that is pretty much a game of the show laundry list.

Everything else pretty much looks like shit compared to this masterpiece.

"Oh look at me I can make the traffic lights flicker on and off." Well fuck you, I just blew up every traffic light in the world with my giant fucking Tesla gun mounted on a mother fucking tank.

GOTY 2012

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I approve of this message.

"All statements by me are not officially endorsed by anyone."

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Didn't Command & Conquer do lightning tanks back when it came out in like 1904?

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I played this when I went to Japan last month! Absolute pure fun.

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You know what? Yeah, this is pretty much everything I want in a video game now that you put it that way.

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I just realized that this is sort of a successor to Tokyo Wars, an old Namco arcade game that I loved but had totally forgotten about until now. So I am all about Tank! Tank! Tank! Dunno if it'll sell me on a Wii U, though.

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I've actually played this game before, not on the Wii U, but in the arcade. I don't know if that game will be nearly as good if it doesn't have the force feedback and set up of the arcade set.

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I believe I just witnessed the first ever Mexican (tank) Standoff. Time to get a Wii U

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@LordXavierBritish: How the fuck did you not end your grand stand argument with a "Tanks for reading"

Goddamnit man, you almost had me convinced.

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I feel like I've played this in an arcade before.

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I've played this in an arcade. It is FUCKING AWESOME. But mainly because the machine you play it on. It has hydraulics and when you fire tank shots your entire chair/steering wheel/everything recoils back and it is FUCKING AWESOME. Playing it on Wii U after playing it on that FUCKING AWESOME arcade machine will be underwhelming for me.

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