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Tanktics is a military strategy game designed by Interplay and DMA studios, currently known as Rockstar North.

It follows the exploits of fictional tanks spanning across history from the Stone age to the future, fighting against the Evil Black tanks, a set of Power-hungry tanks that have the ability to control tanks corresponding to the generation ahead of the player. It is up to the player to advance through time to destroy the receivers present in each level to liberate their future generations, as well as capture a transmitter at the end of each world to regain control over their future generations, to drive out and exterminate the Evil Black Tanks. the player must also defend their "Part-o-Matic", a compact factory that serves as headquarters as well as the creation of parts for the tanks. if this is destroyed, the player will lose the mission.

the player advances through 4 different worlds, each packed with 8 levels, each with increasing difficulty. at the 8th level, the Evil Black tanks arrive and are added as opponents in the stage.


  • Stone Age - Control basic tanks with a specialty with wood and Stone weapons. Enemies are the Medieval tanks.
  • Medieval Age - Control medieval tanks with a greater variety in weapons than their stone age counterparts, as well a the introduction of full tracks. Enemies are the Modern tanks.
  • Modern Age - Control tanks based on modern-day machinery, along with the introduction of hover mechanics. Enemies are the Future tanks.
  • Future Age - Control tanks inspired by both a futuristic and extraterrestrial theme, with high power weapons and a hover mechanic. Enemies are the Evil Black tanks.

Other Modes

There is also a training mode as well as a challenge mode, which can vary from just moving some items around to destroying an entire army in a time limit, creating an engaging challenge.

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